What Our Home Care Clients Have to Say

In Their Own Words

There's no better peace of mind that you've made the right decision than hearing from those who have been in your shoes, making the same decisions about their loved one that you are. Our caregivers have a passion for their clients - to them, it's not a job, it's a calling. Here is what some of our senior care clients and families have to say about their FirstLight HomeCare experiences:

What do you appreciate most about the
services you receive?

"The caregiver has a state license which is very impressive. The caregiver speaks to my mother, not about my mother. She finds an activity to do with her each day. She understands the changing stages of life that my mother is going through. She also communicates with me every day." ~ Ann | East Cleveland, OH

"The FirstLight HomeCare office are always available whenever I need to call and the owner will call just to check on me to make sure that everything is going okay. I really appreciate that he does that. The owner is really wonderful and motivated to really help people and not just about money." ~ Lillian | North Palm Beach, FL

"I feel that the caregivers are always in constant contact with me. They make sure that I am included with everything that is going on. They will take a picture of my mother if they are doing an activity and send me a picture of her." ~ Bayne | North Atlanta, GA

"FirstLight responded perfectly to the problem that my mother had with her health. They were able to make the right decision in an emergency situation." ~ Marilyn | Orange, CA

"They treated my parents like they were family members." ~ Raymond | South Dayton, OH

How is the compassion of your caregiver?

"The way the caregivers talk to my mom shows that they are very compassionate. They let her express herself. They are always sympathetic and empathetic towards her." ~ Margaret | Conyers, GA

"The FirstLight caregiver is very patient and sympathetic. She has had other caregivers from other agencies that have just told her she was fine. This caregiver acknowledges her." ~ Sharon Louisville | KY

"I really like that our caregiver is always smiling, happy and nice. He does things for me before I even realize I need it. He is very compassionate." ~ Vernon | Huntsville, AL

"Stephanie, our caregiver, is a sweetheart and she is really a fantastic caregiver. She is almost too amazing, and we almost depend on her too much. We really love and appreciate her." ~ Bill | Chandler, AZ

"The way that I saw the FirstLight caregivers show compassion was that they were always in contact with me about how my father was doing and they were able to read his moods really well. The caregivers were very sensitive to what he needed and what they could do to help him." ~ Madeline | Contra Costa, CA

"The caregivers are very caring and loving towards her. They seem to treat her like they would their own grandmother." ~ Martha | Louisville, KY

How is your caregiver's work ethic?

"The caregiver seemed so readily willing to be there with her even though they didn't have a lot of time to get to know her. I came in one day and the caregiver had taken my mom to the dining hall. I was complimented on the caregivers' care. She patiently would help my mom finish her food. She was very understanding of her condition. She stayed so patient. She knew my mom was not being deliberately difficult." ~ Elinor | East Cleveland, OH

"Carol, my caregiver, has even come to work in bad weather which show how much she really cares for my mother." ~ Shirley | Garden City, SC

"All of the caregivers are very concerned and respectful to my mother. If there are any concerns that come up they communicate those things with me right away." ~ Evelyn | Urbandale, IA

"They picked a great caregiver for us. I think they do a great pre-screening to figure out what it is that we needed. FirstLight was very thorough." ~ Lois | North East Columbus, OH

"The caregivers are fulfilling all my expectations. I have found them to be very reliable and they do everything that I ask. They also have a very good attitude." ~ Jerry | Crestview Hills, KY

"I love that the caregivers are very clean. Everyone who visited me noticed that and appreciated it also. My home smelled like a home and not like a hospital." ~ Sonja | Chandler, AZ

How well does management respond to questions or problems?

"The care coordinator will text me if there is something going on with my mom. They really keep me in the loop and seem to genuinely care." ~ Regina | Warrington, PA

"There are times when I have given very short notice to the scheduler and they have been very accommodating. They have always said yes… Bob has been my main contact and he has done a stellar job. I can go to him with confidence and know that he will do whatever he can to make sure that the client will be taken care of. I have very high expectations and I am greatly pleased with their professionalism and service. The company has exceeded my expectations." ~ Bessie | Westlake, OH

"They came out in the very beginning and they have called me and sent letters to tell us how much the caregiver appreciates us. They have done follow up visits. We are very pleased." ~ James | Crestview Hills, KY

"The office staff of FirstLight always calls and has frequent communication with me. I have always liked the idea that I can get a hold of the agency whenever I need to." ~ Catherine | Arlington Heights, IL

"When we were trying to get his long term insurance to finally kick in, the FirstLight office just took care of all of the paperwork and they sent everything over to the insurance company when I asked." ~ Angelo | Contra Costa, CA

Would you recommend FirstLight HomeCare to others?

"Things are going very well and I do have a basis of comparison from another agency I've used in the past, so they are truly very excellent. They are fantastic and anyone that asks I am right there to say, Go with FirstLight!" ~ Zana | Franklin, TN

"All the services are being received as promised, along with extra services. My sister-in-law reiterates to me how satisfied they are. I would recommend FirstLight HomeCare to others. I think their price is reasonable for the excellent services they provide." ~ Costas | Matthews, NC

"I would recommend FirstLight HomeCare because they seem to be compassionate and they do take care of things. I have been very happy to have them and I am so thankful! I wasn't able to do much by myself and now I have help from them! I trust them." ~ Bernice | Plainfield, IL

"Anytime anybody asks me about who is caring for my mom I tell them about FirstLight HomeCare and give them the number." ~ Alexjandrina | Lake Mary, FL

"I would recommend FirstLight HomeCare because they are caring, prompt, and professional." ~ Scott | Casco, ME

"This is the best home care that I have ever seen." ~ Sharla | Plainfield, IN