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Fighting off the flu

With flu season starting this weekend, doctors and health officials are reminding everyone to get the flu shot—especially seniors.

Some organizations are even offering free flu shots today. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, for example, will offer free flu shots for senior citizens on Medicare or enrolled in Medicare Advantage programs through Nov. 20. The shots will only cost $15 for others.

Luckily this season, a new high-dose flu shot is available for senior citizens. The vaccine contains Antigen, which produces a stronger immune response than the standard flu shot.

Seniors should also beware of H1N1. After last year’s pandemic, health workers say people need to be extra cautious this year, reported WJBF-TV today. Symptoms include temperatures as high as 104 degrees, severe body aches and a hacking cough.

For more information, visit www.flu.gov.

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