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Fun in the fall

Michael P. LaVell, the owner of FirstLight Home Care servicing greater Oakland County in Michigan, was featured on The ElderCompass Blog this week.

He shares some great tips for seniors to stay active in the fall. With Halloween in sight, here is his idea on how to stay sociable and active while celebrating the holiday.

Halloween is creeping around the corner and so are the trimmings that go with it, including hunting for the perfect jack-o’-lantern at your local pumpkin patch. This is an enjoyable group activity that promotes socialization. Seniors can also take part in the festivities by painting pumpkins which offers a much more colorful and safer alternative to carving with sharp, hard to handle tools and knives. After, bake a fresh batch of pumpkin seeds, which can provide the ideal seasonal snack.

For more fun tips from LaVell and to read the full article, click HERE. What’s your advice on staying active in coming months?

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