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Good reading: “Dad Has Dementia”

Recently, we came across a great blog that every caregiver of aging parents should read. It’s called “Dad Has Dementia”, and it won a 2010 Online Journalism Award for Online Commentary/Blogging.

The blogger began writing when her dad was diagnosed with dementia, and she records the trials and tribulations her family has encountered along the way. Today she wrote,

“Five weeks after Dad died, Mom moved to New Mexico to be near me. Through serendipity and the kindness of a stranger, we were able to find her a patio home just four blocks from our house. I’m grateful for how things have worked out, because while Mom lives ‘independently,’ the truth is she needs help with everything but her activities of daily living. From bill paying to house cleaning, I’ll be doing it — so it’s nice that I can simply walk over to her place to help out.

The big questions now are: Where do we go from here? And what have I learned from my experience with Dad?”
It’s a touching story about a real family—and so many others across the country can relate. The writer Elizabeth Shean recently did an interview with the Second Act blog. You can read it HERE.

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