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Secrets of maintaining a healthy relationship

Recently, the media has been having a field day covering the downfall of successful couples. Even breaking news stations such as CNN are covering the scandals of a certain California governor. With the negative attitudes surrounding marriage everywhere, it is refreshing to see inspirational print about couples. Here are some tips, courtesy of AARP.com, for maintaining a successful relationship:

Find new activities to do together

Doing the same activities as a couple quickly turns into a dull routine that leaves little excitement for either partner. Switching up these bonding activities makes couples feel younger and more in sync. Fun activities could be anything from taking a dance class together to learning how to make sushi.

Learn how to fight fair

Every couple argues. However, happier couples tend to listen more while respecting the other person’s opinions. Don’t degrade your spouse’s point of view, but listen completely before sharing yours. After both attitudes are in the open, calmly come to a decision that best fits both sides.

Change as individuals, change as a couple

After 20 years of marriage, it is inevitable that people change. In fact, change is important in a relationship. Just make sure that you change as a couple as well. Use open communication about daily concerns and don’t expect your partner to be the same person he or she was 20 years ago.

Accept nature

Staying married into your elderly years demands respect. However, with this older age comes a level of vulnerability that may not have been present throughout a partner’s life. A successful relationship accepts the changes during the aging years. Share thoughts and dreams for the coming years while focusing on enjoying life together in the present.

A long-term relationship is a source of pride, especially today. FirstLight Home Care is proud to be able to help happy couples age gracefully and independently, together.

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