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Celebrating Father’s Day for Grandpa

Father’s Day is June 17. This year, make it all about Grandpa. Get the kids involved and treat your dad or grandpa to a day that he will always remember. Having trouble thinking beyond golf tees and “#1 Grandpa” mugs? Check out these ideas to make Grandpa’s day:

Make a Father’s Day craft. Help your kids make an age-appropriate craft to give to their grandpa. He’ll love anything handmade: from a painting of the family to a clay model of his favorite chair.

Get outside. If your dad or grandpa is an outdoorsy type, take a day to go for a hike, go fishing or rent a canoe. Take lots of pictures on your day out to save as a keepsake.

Surprise him. If Grandpa lives far away, surprise him with a visit. Bring dinner for the whole family and let him spend time with the grandkids without having to travel.

Book a vacation. If your grandpa needs a break, send him on a weekend or week-long vacation somewhere he will enjoy. Or book a vacation for the whole family for a fun family getaway.

Give him a call. If visiting or gifts aren’t options, give your dad or grandpa a call to remind him that you care. He’ll appreciate the sentiment and will love talking to the grandkids.

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