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How to Keep Loved Ones Safe in a Heatwave

Temperatures topped 100 degrees in many places across the country this week. In extreme heat, especially with high humidity, safety for our seniors is very important. At FirstLight Home Care, our mission is to keep seniors safe, healthy and happy in any conditions.

Extreme heat can lead to heat stroke, heat rash or heat exhaustion. Symptoms of heat-related illnesses include feeling tired or confused, headaches, dry skin (no perspiration), a rapid pulse or feeling nauseous or dizzy. If you or a loved one have any of these symptoms, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Stay in air conditioned areas. If you know a senior without air conditioning, check in on him or her frequently and invite him or her somewhere with air conditioning. When temperatures climb above 90 degrees, fans won’t help our bodies to cool down, so stick to climate-controlled areas.

Drink lots of water. When temperatures rise, we sweat more to help cool down. To replace that moisture, be sure to drink clear, alcohol-free liquids frequently.

Find fun indoor activities. Take a trip to the mall, go to a movie, visit an indoor pool or the local library. You don’t need to stay cooped up at home when it’s hot outside, but stay in air conditioned buildings to stay safe and comfortable.

Dress for the heat. If you must go outside, keep outside exposure brief and wear light colored, loose-fitting clothing that will reflect the sunlight and some of the heat. A hat and sunglasses will protect your eyes and sunscreen will help prevent sunburn.

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