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Health Concerns in Aging Parents

As your parents age, it is important they receive proper care, especially if there are health concerns. We all know this is easier said than done since many aging adults hate
to admit their health is fading. However, there is nothing more dangerous than an elderly parent living on their own and unable to care for themselves. When visiting and speaking to your parent(s), make sure to look for tall-tale signs of health problems. Listed, are five obvious signs of distress that may require medical attention or assistance for your parent.

Note, that there may be other signs not listed, so it is always important to seek medical advice if you see anything of concern.

  • Memory Loss.This is one of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s as well as other dimension type issues related to aging.  Keep an eye on if your parent(s) is starting to forget simple daily tasks or normal daily routines.  Notice if they begin to ask more questions, especially if asked the same question multiple times.
  • Weight Loss.This is a sign of a health problem for all ages and can be seen quite drastically in aging adults.  It could be a sign of your parent not able to follow a necessary healthy diet, or it could mean an underlying health issue that causes one to lose weight.
  • Feeling Down.Ask yourself…. Are your parents in good spirits?  If they seem to be depressed or not feeling “up to it”, this may be a simple sign that they hate getting old, or it could mean much worse.  Depression is difficult for the aging and should be monitored by health professionals.
  • Trouble Getting Around.Is your parent walking slower or even limping?  Are they having a hard time getting from one place to the next?  We all know everyone unfortunately slows down as they age, but make sure it isn’t to an extreme, where there may be something else going on.
  • Safety Concerns.Take a look around your parent’s home.  Make sure the houseis being kept safe, and if they are forgetting or unable to do necessary safety instructions for the house. For example, leaving the stove on, forgetting to lock the door, not picking up broken glass, etc.  Any of the above signs can be a sign for health concerns and can also lead to unsafe living conditions…. which in turn is a sign in itself.

The aging process is difficult for everyone, but it can be much easier if we know we are not in it alone. Be aware of the issues and signs related to aging, and make sure to give
your parents the proper assistance they need. If you do see signs of health problems, seek local medical professionals as well as look into assisted living centers for your parent(s).


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