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5 Reasons We Love America

flagThe 4th of July may have come and gone this year, but the memory lingers on. We should celebrate all that is good about America each and every day, not just reserve our patriotism for one day of the year! We think this is a brilliant idea that needs little motivation. But, in case you do, here are 5 reasons why we love America:

  1. Freedom: We have the freedom to do what we want, believe in what we want, and say what we want and to do so without persecution. For many in the world, this is not true. In America…we can.
  2. Diversity: We are a melting pot. Every nation, race and color is represented in America. The diversity of every man, woman, and child is what makes our country strong.
  3. Opportunity: This is the land of opportunity. If you work hard enough, persevere through failures and setbacks, you can still achieve success in the United States. The spirit of America lives and we see it every day with hard working people, small businesses, entrepreneurs with a vision and determination, and the dreamers who are out there wanting a better life.
  4. Volunteerism: People in the United States love to help. Whether it’s around the globe or next door when people are in need, the people of American help. We see this all the time with our senior care. We have seen friends and family members and virtual strangers lend a hand after a horrific storm or deliver hot meals to home-bound seniors. We have seen the resiliency of Americans numerous times after 9/11 as everyone pitches in and helps. When there is a need, Americans rise to lend a helping hand (and ask for nothing in return). We should be very proud of our fellow Americans.
  5. Beauty: Have you looked outside lately? Have you driven across our wide-open country? It’s beautiful. Each region of our country has special beauty that if you pull over and look out, you’ll be pretty impressed with our mountains, lakes, beaches, rivers, the open plains, and everything else. Even the large city landscapes and open parks are something to love.

So let’s proudly display the American flag today and everyday!

What do you love about America? Join in the conversation.

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2 responses to “5 Reasons We Love America”

  1. John A. says:

    Great article. We have a son in the military and agree that we should celebrate our independence every day. We are very proud of our son and his military career. He keeps our freedom and that to me and my family is the most important thing. Thank you.

  2. Rosemary French says:

    God bless our soldiers and millions of people just want peace stop the pain Please stop the hate

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