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What’s On Your Healthy Plate?

What does a healthy plate of food look like?

We were asked the question from a blog reader in Michigan: “What does a healthy plate of food look like?” We did some research and found that the best plate of food would look something like this (brought to you by our friends over at Everyday Health).


You dinner plate should be divided up into 3 sections (as noted above). You should focus on filling half the plate with non-starchy vegetables, including: spinach, cabbage, cucumber, beets, mushrooms, and carrots. Then divide the remaining half into two sections, each of which you will fill with starchy foods and a protein source like meat or fish.

Keep portions in control and don’t pile heaps of food in the protein or starchy sections of your plate.  Choosing to create a healthy plate at each meal will help you eat right and control your weight especially during the holiday season.


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