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Prostate Cancer Questions To Ask Your Doctor

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. For many men talking about their ProstateCancerAwarenessMonthprostate and/or prostate cancer can be an uncomfortable discussion – but necessary. If you are going to have your annual health check-up, we suggest you use this time to talk to your doctor and learn more about prostate cancer.

What questions should you ask? Here are some basic prostate questions to ask your doctor or nurse.

  1. Am I at risk for prostate cancer?
  2. Are there things I can do to lower my risk for prostate cancer?
  3. What are the benefits and harms (risks) of prostate cancer screening and treatment?
  4. Are there any warning signs or symptoms of prostate cancer I should look out for?

Although there are many questions you could ask, these four questions will get the conversation started. What questions have you asked your doctor about prostate cancer that you have found beneficial? Leave your reply below.

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