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4 Ways To Stay Social This Winter

Winter can be a rough season for many people because it can be more difficult to be outdoors. Chilly temperatures and early sunsets may coffee with friendskeep you indoors and as winter drags on, your home-bound isolation can have a negative impact on your life. There’s a reason they call them the “winter blues.” Seasonal change can be tough, so we asked our Nurse Gina how to help you stay social until the first signs of spring arrive and she gave us these tips:

  1. It’s okay to get outdoors. Many people feel that with the arrival of winter, means all activities need to be indoors. They don’t. Dress warmly, wear your hat and gloves and boots with non-skid soles and take a walk around the neighborhood or city center. If it’s still too cold, take a drive to your local mall and take a stroll.
  2. Plan to meet friends. Pick a day each week to meet for coffee or tea. Keep it simple. Enjoy one hour each week catching up with them. If no one can show up on a particular week, no worries. You still should go and just “people watch.”
  3. Take a class or start a new hobby. Cooking, sewing, and other kinds of classes offer a great escape during the cold months. Enrolling in a class is a brilliant way to meet new people or gain new friends. In addition, this improves memory, keeps your mind sharp and even boosts self-confidence.
  4. Get involved. There are many community service projects going on in your local community. Think about what you’re passionate about and then find a local organization that could use your talents and helpful hands. Not sure where to start? Check out VolunteerMatch.org. They are a great resource that bring good people and good causes together.

Change your attitude towards winter. Don’t hate the season because it may require you to spend more time indoors due to inclement weather. If wintery weather or storms are predicted, make a plan to be productive indoors, and don’t waste time complaining about it! Got any tips of your own for staying happy and motivated during the winter months? Let’s hear them! Share them in the comments section or join the conversation over on our Facebook page.

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