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Have Your Senior Loved One’s Eyes Checked in September

Seniors are especially susceptible to problems with their eyes making life even more difficult, especially if they have mobility issues. This year, start early and make an appointment now to have your senior loved one’s eyes checked during the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Healthy Aging Month in September. A senior eye check by a professional could make a huge difference in their qualitySenior Eye Check Month is September of life.

Many times seniors don’t even realize their eyesight is getting worse, so early detection and intervention of eye problems is extremely important. As a caregiver, you may be the first one to notice changes in behavior or mobility related to eyesight limitations. Here are some early warning signs that a senior’s eyesight may be getting worse:

Light sensitivity
If a senior complains about the sun or bright lights it can mean something more serious and should be checked by an ophthalmologist.
Very dry eyes
This can be very painful and lead to red, irritated eyes. There are medications that can help, but dry eyes do need to be examined by a professional.
Eyes that tear up
Conversely, eyes that tear up and appear watery can also signal a medical problem. An eye doctor can determine the cause and suggest a treatment.
Eyes that appear cloudy
This can mean the start of cataracts, a serious condition that happens with age. Luckily cataracts can be removed with laser surgery and the results are usually very good.
Unfortunately Glaucoma have very few symptoms and having an eye pressure test is the only way to be sure. This is why a yearly test by a professional is so important.
Drooping eyelids
This is a common problem that occurs as we age, but it can interfere with the ability to see. If severe, eyelids can fall into the eye socket and cause pain and irritation. Surgery is the only way to correct this.

Seniors can lose their ability to walk, hear and taste as they age, and one of the ways they can stay active and communicate with the world around them is through sight. As caregivers and companions to seniors across the nation, FirstLight Home Care encourages anyone who cares for a senior to make sure they get their eyes examined by a professional in September. You can see the other eye health observances on the American Academy of Ophthalmology website.

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