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What Aging Gracefully Means To FirstLight

Aging gracefully can mean many things to different people. While some might think first of appearance, others will say that graceful aging is a mindset and a way of life. At FirstLight Home Care, we ensure seniors and older adults live their latter years respectfully and with dignity. The last years of someone’s life can be some of their most fulfilling and joyful times. Here are just a few ways that we believe seniors can age gracefully. 

Maintaining Freedom 

As we age, it can be difficult to let go of our independence, even if we need help to complete our daily tasks. But getting help doesn’t mean that older adults will lose their sense of freedom. For many seniors, it’s still possible to live at home. ​In-home caregivers ​can provide round-the-clock care or stop by as needed, ensuring that seniors can maintain their routine and live somewhere they’re already comfortable. 

​​Staying Connected 

For many seniors, maintaining a social life can be difficult. They spend more time at home and less time outside interacting with others. However, staying connected​​ ​​with friends and family is one of the best ways to improve mental health for seniors. It’s essential that maintaining relationships (and even building new ones) remains a priority no matter their age.  

Maintaining Exercise 

Regular exercise will help strengthen muscles and improve balance. Adults aged 65 and older need about 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise. Just going on a walk every day can make a huge difference. According to a study, 30 minutes of walking for seniors can reduce the risk of several age-associated diseases. Regaining or maintaining mobility can be difficult, but having a caregiver to help and guide you can be a big motivator. 

Eating Healthily  

Just like exercise, maintaining a healthy diet is key to aging gracefully. Yet, it’s one area that seniors struggle with the most. It can be difficult to find inspiration to cook for only one or two people, and mobility issues with standing and lifting can prevent seniors from preparing food. Having someone to help, such as a caregiver through our personal care services, will ensure that seniors eat well and frequently. 

Exercising the Brain 

The brain also needs regular exercise to help stay sharp. Activities like crossword puzzles, reading, listening to music and other hobbies keep the brain active, which can help prevent memory loss, With companion care, seniors always have someone to talk to and participate in activities like this and more! From sharing stories to playing games to heading out on adventures, companion care helps keep seniors’ brain busy and alert.  

Going to the Doctor 

As we age, trips to the doctor’s office increase. Seniors should never ignore any issues or symptoms, and they should keep in touch with their doctor frequently to ensure their health remains strong. From eye appointments to visiting physicians, seniors must keep up with their preventative visits as well. A big part of providing senior care is helping with medical care, which can include helping with transportation, appointments and medical reminders.  

Asking for Help 

Aging gracefully means knowing when to ask for help. Seniors don’t have to do everything by themselves and will live a higher quality of life if someone is there to help them maintain their daily routine and connections. A lot can go into maintaining health at an older age, and having someone there to help can ensure seniors live long and happy lives. 

If your loved one could benefit from home care services, contact your nearest FirstLight Home Care location to get personalized pricing and get matched with an experienced caregiver. 

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