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Preparing a holiday dinner for someone with diabetes.

Finding out you are diabetic does require a change of lifestyle.  The food plan
diabetics need isn’t so much a nutritional food plan specific to those with
diabetes; it is the recommended food plan for everyone, including low calories,
smaller serving sizes, low in fat, and high in nutrients…this is simply a
healthy eating plan.  One component that may be more specific to those with diabetes, is the limit of carbohydrates; however, this is also something we recommend for all.  With that said, planning a holiday meal for someone with diabetes shouldn’t be an added stress.  Simply try to create a meal plan that is healthy for all. There are two easy steps to making sure you are on the right track when providing this meal:

  1. Get the facts straight.  It is a great idea to become aware of the myths and facts about the diet of a diabetic. Make sure to take the time to become informed.  You can find great information at as well as other related sites.
  2. Find a Holiday Menu.  There are so many food websites that create full diabetic friendly holiday food menus.Make life that much easier by using recipes that are already put together for this purpose.  Sign up for a holiday meal plan as well as helpful information about healthy eating at

Holidays are a time for fun!  Enjoy the food, but most importantly, the people around you and never lose sight of your diabetes care. Especially if those around you are limited by food choice, it is essential to not make your holiday party all about the food.  Include fun games and conversation to keep the party alive!

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