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Seniors and Moving: How Can You Help?

In summer, it seems everyone is on the move—both literally and figuratively. For seniors who are faced with the decision to move, the situation may not seem entirely sunny. One of the hardest things we may have to do as a caregiver or child is watch a senior struggle with the prospect of leaving a residence that bears strong emotional and physical ties. Not only are many seniors bound by lifelong memories to their homes, but a physical illness or disability may prevent them from seeking friends or companions outside a new location. As a caregiver or spouse, you can help make the transition smoother if a loved one is faced with moving. At FirstLight Home Care, we specialize in offering companionship services that help seniors faced with the daunting task of relocating. How can you help a loved one or senior in your life? Take note of these helpful tips to ease the transition.

The Right Size
Are you familiar with the term “right-sizing?” Often times, seniors who now live on their own no longer have a need for a large living space. As a caregiver, you can help them through the arduous process of sorting through items and cherished belongs they may not be ready to give up. It’s important to stress patience during the process. Allow them the opportunity to have a say in what stays and what goes—and remember to be aware of a senior’s energy level. Allow plenty of preparation to get everything packed.

Keep Them Involved
When moving into a new space, talk with your senior about a new decorating scheme. Let him or her choose a new sofa or drapery—anything that will replace the larger items left behind at the old space. By keeping loved ones involved in these decisions, you are allowing them control of the situation while still providing pivotal guidance—which is what FirstLight’s “Culture of Care” is all about.

Time It Right
Because moving can be such an emotional ordeal for a senior, arrange to spend time with him or her away from the original residence while the physical move is occurring. This will lessen the mental impact and result in a smoother transition. Consider spending time at the new place and helping unpack. Your senior will likely need assistance and there is no better time to start. As the caregiver, help make the home brighter; drop by a small flower arrangement or even favorite teas or coffees to better settle in your senior.

Moving presents an optimal time to provide companionship services to a senior or loved one. Relocating is hard at any age—for seniors, they should never be made to do it alone. How can you help support FirstLight’s mission to provide the best in care?

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