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Reflections on Senior Health and Fitness Day

Summer has not officially started, but this coming Memorial Day Weekend may as well be its kick-off. It also presents an opportune time for seniors to get out and stay active with families and friends. In fact, many already got a jumpstart on their plans this past Wednesday when an estimated 100,000 seniors across the country participated in the 17th annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day. As a result, I was inspired to read about how community centers and YMCAs across the country hosted events that promoted wellness for participants of all fitness levels. In Westchester, N.Y., it was…

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The Importance of Independence

This week, I read an article about the increasing number of seniors having joint replacement surgery. The article, “Old Patients, New Joints,” written by Paula Span for The New York Time’s blog, The New Old Age, featured a series of individuals who have recently experienced hip or knee replacement surgery as well as useful advice from a number of doctors. What I found really endearing about this article, is how much people value their independence – their ability to live their lives – no matter their age and no matter what they have to do to achieve it. One woman…

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Things Keep Getting Better

The past few weeks have been packed with news stories about seniors interacting with today’s technology and living it up. Some have connected with their families in brand new ways, and others have started doing the activities they have loved for years. This side of 20 years ago, seniors were much more limited in what they could do, mostly because of health concerns. Almost any sport was out of the question due to the possibility of injury, and health care was not as advanced as it is today. Now, people can enjoy their golden years in ways they never thought…

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Article from the Cincinnati Business Courier

FirstLight Home Care was featured in the April 16 issue of the Cincinnati Business Courier. In the article, we discussed the in-home care market, and the different strategies we are taking to make us a major contender on a national level. You can check out the full article here. The senior in-home care market is growing rapidly, yet no business holds more than 1 percent of the market share. With the need for these services on the rise, Medicare dollars are not so quick to keep up. FirstLight is looking to change this — and give the public a franchised…

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Driving and Dementia

The American Academy of Neurology issued a new guideline to help doctors and families determine when someone diagnosed with dementia is no longer able to safely drive. Unfortunately, the release was a bit softer than many would hope.

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