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Personalized Roswell Dementia Care Services

For Any Stage of Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s Disease

FirstLight Home Care’s dementia care plans are designed to assist those who suffer from any feelings of depression, anxiety, isolation, confusion, and any other symptoms that typically accompany dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. We have curated personalized dementia care and elderly care programs to help those in need, as well as the entire family.

Every person who has dementia is different. In our experience, an individual acts, talks, and behaves differently based on who they are as a person, not just based on what stage of dementia they have.

Patient-Focused Dementia Care

Developing dementia care that is centered on the individual, not the disease, is exactly why we created our unique care program. We incorporate the identity of the individual that includes not just who they are today, but also who they were. Our approach is personalized to engage each and every individual, so that those affected by dementia are free to live the rest of life with purpose.

Every client is given a “Who I Am” booklet to complete that covers much more than basic information and medical history. We want to truly get to know your loved one, which means asking questions such as:

  • What brings you happiness?
  • Laughter?
  • Feelings of accomplishment?
  • What causes you distress?
  • Frustration?
  • Feelings of isolation?

Personalized dementia care and elderly care plans provide valuable information for our dementia care coordinators and caregivers to provide optimal daily care. We make the process easy by making sure you select the caregiver of your choice and consult with you one-on-one to address any concerns. To continually improve the quality of our dementia care services, we check in with families, review satisfaction surveys, listen to focus groups, and follow standards of advisory councils.

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