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Personalized Hillsborough & Manatee County Dementia Care Services

For Any Stage of Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s Disease

A diagnosis of dementia is a life changing, and often isolating, event for sufferers and their families. FirstLight Home Care prides itself on being able to work with the family as a whole in a respectful and sensitive way, providing comfort and advice on how to maximize quality of life for someone coping with dementia. Depression, anxiety and confusion are common symptoms, but we understand that each individual’s experience with dementia is unique, and caring for loved ones brings its own specific symptoms, challenges and risks.

Person-First Dementia Care

Empathy and compassion are cornerstones of FirstLight Home Care’s personalized programs for dementia care and elderly care, available throughout Brandon, Lithia, Riverview, and surrounding Southern Hillsborough & Manatee County communities. Our dedicated dementia coordinators and caregivers work with sufferers and their families to develop specialized care services plans that take into account the whole individual: his or her personality, preferences, life experiences and wishes. In depth one-on-one consultations with dementia patients and their family members allow us to not only customize a caregiving plan, but also match each individual with a caregiver whose personal strengths will foster a sense of calm and trust in your home.

Your family’s satisfaction with our Brandon, Lithia, and Riverview dementia care and elderly care programs is of utmost importance to us. To maintain the highest quality of care and service, we regularly evaluate our performance via client satisfaction surveys, formal and informal feedback and client and caregiver focus groups.

Tips for family members and caregivers

-Know your limitations and start to incorporate stress reduction techniques into your everyday life (for example, meditation)
-Tend to your own health, make and keep medical appointments
-Reward yourself by taking time out to exercise. A 20-minute walk each day can be hugely beneficial to your mood and well-being
-Nurture yourself with soothing activities such as a warm bath or time with a good book
-Seek the support of others – family, friends, counselors, physicians or professional respite care
-Acknowledge your feelings, both positive and negative, and learn new ways to accept and be at peace with them.

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