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Companion Care Services

Keeping You Independent

FirstLight Home Care can care services to your loved one during times when you are unable to be with them. Having a companion for your loved one can help them with depression or confusion and allows your loved one to engage with another person.

Regular Visits, Conversation, and Company

Having a FirstLight companion can provide your loved one with many rewards. Simply having someone to talk to can bring enjoyment and fulfillment to seniors. A companion can also accompany the spouse of a senior who is receiving care. They can provide them company during what could be a lonely time for them. Our companions provide emotional support and non-medical care for your loved one

Medication Reminders

At FirstLight, we provide non-medical services and are unable to administer medications. However, our caregivers can remind your loved one to take their medications on time, assist with pre-measured medications, and monitor for side effects or medical conditions. We also offer special medical dispensers and other healthcare technology systems that can help your loved one in administering their medication.

Meal Preparation

Seniors with dementia, confusion, or depression can sometimes forget to eat properly and have adequate fluid intake resulting in malnutrition. Our caregivers are available to prepare meals, offer snacks throughout the day, ensure special diets are prepared, and medications are taken with food when necessary. We will also clean up after preparing the meal for your loved one.

Light Housekeeping

Our in-home caregivers can provide light housekeeping to maintain the cleanliness of your loved one’s home when they may be unable to. We can vacuum, dust, laundry, wash dishes, pick up clutter, and maintenance of a clean kitchen and bathroom. A spotless home improves mood and is also safer for those with mobility difficulties.

Laundry Services

Our caregivers can ensure the laundry is washed, dried, and put away. Our laundry services include washing bedding, towels, and other linens for your loved ones.  We understand the difficulty to maintain their laundry due to mobility, illness, or for those who do not have enough energy to complete it themselves.

Shopping, Errands, and Transportation

At FirstLight, we encourage your loved one to maintain independence. When able, we can accompany or go grocery shopping for your loved ones. We can also provide a driving service to your loved ones to allow them to continue their regular routines.  With our care services, caregivers can pick up prescriptions, go to appointments, or shopping for anything your loved one needs. We consistently strive for your loved one’s safety and well-being.

Recreational Activities

We understand the importance of your loved one continuing to participate in the activities they enjoy. Our caregivers can accompany your loved one to their favorite activity.  We also created a service called ClientFirst that matches up the interests of caregivers and clients to develop more compatibility between them.

Mail and Paperwork Organization

Our caregivers can retrieve your loved one’s letters from the mailbox or post office box. We can keep track and organize bills, other important documents, and outgoing mail. With authorization from you or your loved one, we can open or read the letter to them.

Live-in Services

Some clients may need around the clock, daily care with a live-in caregiver. We can provide a live-in caregiver for your loved one to remain in their home. With our family-focused caregiver selection process, you will be involved in finding the perfect caregiver.  Our live-in service can be provided for your loved one, either temporarily or for an extended period of time.

24-Hour Home Care

At FirstLight, our caregivers are always available to the family, 24-hours a day. Client Care Access is a web-based care monitoring tool that allows family members access to the care given to their loved ones. We offer high-quality personal emergency response system devices within your loved one’s home with easy activation in the event of an emergency. We understand the importance of knowing your loved one is safe and receiving quality care.

Family Respite Care

Our respite care services allow you as a caregiver to get a much-needed break from the challenges of being a primary caregiver for your loved one. Whether you need a couple of hours or an extended period, our caregivers will provide quality care for your loved one. Respite care allows you to get back to your responsibilities and rest.

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