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Disability Home Care
Elderly Care & Dementia Care
in Grand Forks.

Life happens fast; our parents age before our eyes, accidents happen, and we can’t always be there to help. It’s not always something we like to admit, but FirstLight recognizes this, and this is the reason we’re here to provide high quality disability home care, elderly care, and dementia care to those in need in Grand Forks.

When you ask us for help, we understand this was not an easy decision, and will carefully listen to everything you have to say about your loved one’s care preferences. We’re able to assist with life’s daily tasks, such as travel assistance, walking and mobility, continence and toileting, and almost every other non-medical care task. When providing dementia or Alzheimer’s care, we first create a custom plan based around the individual being care for. No dementia or Alzheimer’s care sufferer is alike, not because of the disease, but because of who they are. Each individual will react differently, and our care programs will cater to those unique needs.

Our care services are available in any setting, any hour of the day, every day of the week. There is no need too big or small for us to handle – Whether it’s night and day care, or simply just a few hours a day, you can count on us to be there.

Interested in learning more about how our disability home care, elderly care, and dementia care services can make a difference?

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Our Home Care services are provided to clients 18 years of age and older.


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