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A Personalized, Engaging Approach to Dementia Care

For Any Stage of Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s Disease

Finding the right care for a loved one who is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s is no easy task. The disease not only affects every individual in different ways – the symptoms also change the person as it progresses through various stages.

FirstLight Home Care’s compassionate and specially-trained staff have hands-on experience caring for adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our caregivers are trained to help manage the symptoms your loved one faces, and can adapt the level and type of care provided as the disease advances. What’s more – our caregivers provide dementia care and home care assistance services with the abundance of patience, understanding, and kindness that your loved one requires in Rugby, Minot, Devil’s Lake and surrounding areas.

Individualized Dementia Care

FirstLight Home Care’s unique and individualized in-home dementia care program has been specially designed to change the way your loved one lives. Our goal is the same as yours; we want to make that sure your loved one lives a life of purpose. To achieve this, we have crafted a dementia care program that is focused on each individual client, and not just the disease.

We know how important it is to establish a comfortable, familiar, and stable environment for a person suffering with dementia. That’s why we ask every client to complete a booklet that provides us with details about their personal history as well as their likes, dislikes, preferences, and more. We want to find out what makes your loved one happy, laugh, frustrated, and anxious, and what activities they used to, or currently, enjoy. We seek to learn who your loved one was before the dementia set in, not just who they appear to be today.

We then incorporate this information into specific daily care programs devised for each individual client. The ultimate personalized at-home dementia care, FirstLight Home Care helps your loved one feel as much as possible that they are an individual with thoughts and feelings living a life of purpose and meaning.

And we also believe it’s important to include you – the family of the person suffering with dementia – throughout the process as well. We’ll ask you to participate with finding the right caregiver match for your loved one, as well as provide ongoing feedback at regular intervals about the effectiveness of our dementia care and home care assistance, available to the communities of Rugby, Minot, Devil’s Lake, and surrounding areas.

FirstLight’s care services are available to Rugby, Minot and Devil’s Lake in central North Dakota. Contact us using the form below:

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