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Companion Care Services

Keeping You Independent

For seniors or loved ones with chronic illness, caretaking may not be enough. Sometimes, the isolation can put these individuals at an increased risk for depression. FirstLight Home Care of Clarksville, Pleasant View and Hopkinsville offers companion care services that can be provided at home, in facilities, or even in hospitals and can enhance the level of care that your loved one receives and increase their quality of life. 

Regular Visits, Conversation, and Company

For those who are often alone or only see a few people in their day, enjoying some quality conversation can make a big difference in the quality of life. Firstlight Home Care serves the communities of Clarksville, Pleasant View and Hopkinsville with companion care, providing a visitor that can also give your loved seniors something to look forward to in their day.

Medication Reminders

It can be difficult to manage a great deal of medications as an elderly or limited mobility individual. FirstLight Home Care’s caregivers cannot provide medications, but they can provide reminders to take medications and assist with technology solutions, as well as assist with monitoring side effects or medical issues.

Meal Preparation

As we age, shopping for food and preparing nutritious meals can become highly difficult. Caregivers can help provide meals that maintain seniors’ health as well as take care of the clean up! This can provide stability and nutrition, improving overall quality of life and providing joy each and every day!

Light Housekeeping

Taking care of house and home is a job on its own, and it’s one that our FirstLight caregivers are happy to help with. Light tasks such as vacuuming, taking out the trash, tidying up and cleaning dishes and clothes, as well as dusting and cleaning kitchens and bathrooms can keep the house tidy and improve happiness, comfort, and health.

Laundry Services

Anyone suffering from mobility issues or chronic pain may experience great difficulty processing laundry. Our in-home care service can provide washing, drying, folding, and ironing assistance to keep things clean and maintained.

Shopping, Errands, and Transportation

While it may be impractical for seniors to travel to run errands, FirstLight caregivers are happy to complete these tasks for them, stopping at stores to pick up groceries or drop off dry-cleaning. Alternatively, caregivers can bring clients out to run errands themselves if they are interested in socializing and spending some time out on the town!

Recreational Activities

Does your loved one enjoy playing board games? Maybe watching Jeopardy, or listening to classic records? FirstLight Home Care makes it a point to match up caregivers with clients who have similar interests, so your loved one can enjoy taking classes, playing bingo, or going to live music with their caregiver!

Mail and Paperwork Organization

It can be hard to keep up with mail and bills when struggling with mobility or health issues. Our in-home caregivers can help keep things tidy and organized so that bills don’t go unpaid and mail is read (at the direction of clients).

Live-In Services

Depending on the specific needs of each client, families can arrange for permanent in-home care by a live-in caregiver. Talk with FirstLight to see about arranging these options.

24-Hour Home Care

Modern technology makes it possible to monitor seniors 24/7 in order to provide peace of mind at all times. FirstLight has personal emergency response system devices that can contact help if needed, and these devices are active all hours of the day and night, ensuring that your loved one is always protected.

Family Respite Care

When primary caregivers spend too much time providing care without taking time for themselves, stress can build up and cause burnout or resentment. Respite care services provide time off when you need to recover and spend time on self-care. Take some time off and know that your loved one is being well-cared for.

FirstLight Home Care proudly serves the communities of Clarksville, Pleasant View and Hopkinsville with companion care and at-home care services

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