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A Personalized, Engaging Approach to Dementia Care

For Any Stage of Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s Disease

For people experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s, proper care plans are essential for coping with anxiety, depression, confusion or isolation that can accompany such illnesses. FirstLight Home Care of NW Dayton offers a variety of unique programs to assist individuals in Vandalia, Clayton, Dayton, Englewood and other Ohio communities with dementia, which can help not only the person suffering from dementia but help the entire family.

People with dementia will present with a wide variety of symptoms and difficulties. Remembering that each person is an individual, and that there is no “one size fits all” solution to their needs, is important. Recognizing the individuality of those with dementia or Alzheimer’s is critical to helping them.

Person-First Dementia Care

FirstLight Home Care has a Vandalia dementia care and elderly care service program that is specially designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with dementia. With each person having different needs, a personalized program will help them to continue to express their individuality while getting the best care possible while experiencing their current difficulties. This helps to improve the quality of life for those with dementia, as well as improve the ability of their family members to engage and care for them.

At FirstLight Home Care, a personalized “Who I Am” document is prepared for each individual in the dementia program. This booklet helps those working with these unique individuals to understand many things, including:

  • What makes you happy?
  • Laugh?
  • Feel accomplished?
  • What distresses or frustrates you?

Using this information, the Vandalia dementia care and elderly care service coordinators at FirstLight Home Care of NW Dayton can develop personalized approaches to the needs of each individual. Caregivers are selected specifically, using a thorough process, for the person with whom they will be working with. Individuals with dementia, along with their families, are included in the planning process for programming as well as the selection and matching of ideal caregivers. Ongoing monitoring of quality occurs through satisfaction surveys, advisory councils, and client/caregiver focus groups.

FirstLight Home Care of NW Dayton provides dementia care ann elderly care services for seniors in Vandalia, Clayton, Dayton, Englewood, Tipp City, Brookville, Clayton, Huber Heights, Springfield, New Carlisle, Union and West Milton.

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