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A Personalized, Engaging Approach to Dementia Care

For Any Stage of Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia is a disease which can bring depression, anxiety, isolation and confusion to the sufferer. FirstLight Home Care has carefully crafted dementia care plans to help individual’s cope with the symptoms and difficulties which the diseases bring. These services extend beyond the sufferer, too, and offer support for the whole family.

Dementia sufferers are individuals with their own unique set of challenges, and FirstLight Home Care’s home care assistance for dementia care in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock never fails to keep this in mind. Each individual will act, talk, remember and behave in their own way – not merely because of the stage of dementia they’re living through, but because they are their own person. 

Dementia Care that puts the individual first

It is because we recognize everybody as a unique individual that FirstLight Home Care developed its specialized Dementia Care Program, which aims to construct dementia care services around the individual, rather than the symptoms of their disease. We go to great lengths to incorporate who the individual is as a person, and not just who we see today. The idea is to present an engaging, personalized and holistic approach, with the goal of helping the sufferer live a purposeful life, no matter what stage of dementia they find themselves in.

We complete a “Who I Am” booklet with each client. This is to gather far more than merely a basic history, and we are eager to understand more about your client. We want to know:


  • What kind of things make you laugh?
  • What really makes you feel happy?
  • How can we help you feel accomplished?
  • What causes you frustration, distress and unhappiness?

Armed with this information, our caregivers and dementia caregivers can construct specialized, individual daily care plans. To aid you through this entire process, we ensure that you are an integral part of our caregiver selection process, and we will invite you to partake in one-on-one consultations with us. We aim to provide the best possible Colorado Springs and Castle Rock home care assistance and dementia care for the whole family, and to ensure that we are always reaching our targets and keeping the family in mind, we evaluate our service continually, using client satisfaction surveys, advisory sessions, and set up caregiver and client focus groups where feedback and thoughts can be shared.

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