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A group of FirstLight franchisees all stand and cheer

Ten years in service to Glen Rock Seniors 

FirstLight celebrates our ten-year Franchise renewal.  We honor and thank those we have cared for in the community. We know that everyone has a unique story to tell.  FirstLight visits seniors to identify ways to age in place and maintain their quality of life.  We listen to the stories and celebrate their successes, regrets, and experiences in life.  We also share in our caregivers’ stories as they find reward in caring for others.  As a caregiver, you share a client’s joys, accomplishments, and memories.  

As the owner of FirstLight for the last ten years, I have listened to and served many families, caregivers, and loved ones in our community.  Helped families cope and prepare for life’s final journey.  Rewarded for our service to others and assisted seniors in finding closure and comfort in their last days by recruiting, scheduling, and assigning caregivers to loved ones.  

When you call FirstLight, we walk you through setting up care and finding a match.  We spend time discussing the needs of your loved one. Once we have collected care needs such as fall risk, food allergies, dementia, and other personal & companion care needs, a home visit is scheduled.  At home, our nurses review interests, likes, dislikes, and the importance of care.

We develop a care description to match a caregiver with a loved one.  Many considerations go into this task.  We focus on the client’s needs and desires. Then we balance the potential staffing & scheduling conflicts to ensure the quality of care for a loved one is maintained and delivered. 

My goal at FirstLight is to build an environment of continuous improvement for our caregivers, staff, and clients so we may serve our community as they age in place.  We also use the Senior group to accomplish this with wellness events and enrichment programming.  Our staff is excited to be involved in scheduling events for the Rockin’ seniors at the Annex in town.  

In life, we are all called to serve.  FirstLight serves the families and their loved ones in care, the suffering they endure, the joys they have shared, and the families left behind when they pass.  We also care for the caregivers whose continued strength strives to give to others.  I am renewed in grace after ten years to serve a life dedicated to family, faith, and community.

Thank you, 

Boyd Lowry, Owner 

FirstLight Home Care of Glen Rock, NJ