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We’d like to give a special thanks to our caregivers. Without your dedication & compassion, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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See what our Glen Rock home care clients have to say:

She sends her gratitude to the entire office for making this hard time so easy.  She and the Caregiver hit it off immediately, even hugged a few times.  She said we have alleviated all of her anxiety. and updated her on weekend schedules; she is grateful.  She gave RAVE reviews about our Nurse.  Apparently they had a beautiful conversation after the assessment.  She feels like we are family because of these little extras. Also, Boyd “Andy”, she said she is proud of you and all you have done to run such an amazing office!
She said she’d love to hear from you to chat whenever you want.


She is BEYOND thrilled with the caregiver from FirstLight.  Our Caregiver has helped her focus on getting better and she is a dear to have around.  She kept paperwork from Boyd years ago when they hired us to care for her mom.  She remembered being impressed back then so she was comfortable coming into her home to provide care.  Her sister called her yesterday and said before she hires anyone she should ONLY call the best in the area, FirstLight.  Carol said they laughed together.


Thank you Boyd. Your office has been incredibly helpful, sweet, proactive and accommodating with any and all requests. They truly are a godsend.  You amassed a fantastic team. Have a happy holiday and looking forward to working with you all in the new year.


Boyd – Thank you for kind words.  We are so happy we found you and your team.  All the people you sent to look after Mom were compassionate and instantly made friends with her.  In the beginning she was stubborn and didn’t think she needed anyone, but she immediately trusted her caregiver and knew it was time to accept the help.  As you know I can’t say enough wonderful things about Esther. In the short time she was there – she became a member of our family.


Thank you, again, for being so kind and patient with us in our time of need.

“We just started using FirstLight about a week ago. The aide they sent was phenomenal and my mom absolutely loved her…along with the other family members who are responsible for my moms care. We started care with another agency about 7 weeks prior and had such a challenging experience. (They kept sending different aides and aides who were afraid of dogs). The owner of FirstLight took my call on a Saturday, visited with my mom the next day and had care set up starting the following day, Monday. He came with the aide on Monday to reassure my mom. Starting with him, to the nurse who did the assessment to the office staff and especially the aide, all were and are phenomenal and focused on my mom’s care.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for in-home care for their loved one.”

“Boyd (the owner) is a kind person, and a soft spoken employer. He knows and listen to his employee and give advice to his staff. I personally recommend this agency.. Great job and keep it up.

“First Light Took care of my father after a life threatening illness and extensive surgery at New York Presbyterian. My father spent 6 weeks in intensive care and 3 weeks in rehab before returning home. At home, he progressed from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane and gained back the strength and skill to take care of himself and my mother. First Light’s live-in caregiver was a perfect fit for my parents. The caregiver was invested in my father’s care and his goals. I never worried! The office and nurse were so helpful, too.”

“This is our first experience with having to obtain home care services. My wife’s 91 year old mother is now residing with us, due to a recent surgery. The first provider we interviewed was First Light Home Care in Glen Rock, NJ. We spoke with Boyd Lowry, who was extremely professional and compassionate. Boyd explained in detail the responsibilities of the caregiver, the cost of the service, but more importantly, his compassion and his understanding of the anxiety my wife and I were under, was the key that opened the door. Our first concern, after hearing many stories from friends, was to have the same person come every day, so that a relationship between my mother-in-law and the caregiver could be established and nurtured. Also, a person who was caring and warm. Well, on the first day, right on time, the caregiver rang our bell and introduced herself to the three of us. A warm, articulate woman who immediately took charge, obviously experienced and well in control. Over the past 6 weeks as the caregiver has been coming, she has never been late, nor has she left early. Both my wife and I work, so my mother-in-law and the caregiver are alone together for the 8 hours we are gone. My mother-in-law is in love with the caregiver and feels very secure and well taken care of, during a major life-changing time. My wife and I are at ease while we are at work, knowing that anything that might arise during the day will be handled professionally and with the utmost care. I am not a review writer, but I feel compelled to let others know who might also be afraid, anxious, and confused, that there is a provider of home care that is out there to help you through a most difficult time. Thank you, Boyd Lowry and the caregiver, and First Light Home Care.  First Light delivered on its promise.”

“FirstLight was fantastic during my mother’s illness. They were able to assist my family despite being contacted last minute. We can not thank them enough for their help.”

“J. is our primary in home provider. She is an absolute angel. We believe J. has our Mom’s physical and emotional interest at heart. She cares for our Mom like she is a member of the family. We feel that J. is practically a member of the family. We feel so blessed to have J. caring for our Mom. Boyd has been extremely responsive whenever there has been a problem. We feel that the overall organization and service is well above average, and well above what we expected when we began with First Light. We are very happy and appreciative clients.”

“Caring and competent staff from the office and from the aides. Overall First Light has more than met my expectations after horror stories I have heard about other agencies.”

“She cares, Always prompt, Always concerned that everything is right. Very Happy.”

“They have my mother’s best interest in mind and they tried hard to get someone to her to the house no matter what. I was very pleased. Very well run; the contact I had was very personable, and they really tried to accommodate my needs.”

“I can’t say enough about FirstLight Home Care’s level of service starting from our initial meeting to dealing with the office staff and care givers. They listened! They provided everything they promised they would. When required they responded quickly and without question. They made this whole experience that much easier to deal with for my mother and for my family. I credit their efforts to helping my mom get back on her feet. I wouldn’t trust my family or friends to anyone else.”

“My mother and I were impressed by, and grateful for your very astute and helpful suggestions to improve the equipment that will enable safer transfers for my father.”

“Dear First Light Home Care,
I write to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the 24/7 aide services provided by your employee, K.., for my mother. She helped my mom secure her medications, take showers, get dressed and prepared her meals with grace and compassion. My sisters, wife and I noted that she made my mother laugh on many occasions, something that hasn’t happened with other aides. She is a strong and kindly person. My mother trusts her implicitly and has permitted her to use mom’s car for errands. My mother, aged 93, has reached the stage where she needs assisted living and will greatly miss having K..’s care and companionship.”

“I’ll be seeing Jackie this evening, she’s receiving a volunteer award from her Town. This is a very nice honor, that could not have been accomplished without Jackie’s team.  This of course includes the care and assistance from FirstLight Home Care of Bergen NJ.  Having her home health aide at her side allows her to provide volunteer services to her town community. Please inform your staff of this honor.”
-Amy, Care Manager

“Dear FirstLight, Thank You for your help in caring for my mother. Boyd was stellar in stepping in where I had no knowledge of my mother’s final decline, informing me of the situation, and resolving something that could have been far uglier. He has seen a small slice of what was involved in my monitoring Gladys from a distance, and helped me through it. Thanks again.”

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank FirstLight Home Care for taking such fine care of my husband, Jack, while he was ill. Your fine people, Lisa, who was our first day aid was exceptional.  Raymond, the night aid – OMG – I can’t say how great he was the first night he arrived – not even punching in because he knew my husband needed help immediately.  Do I even have to tell you how great Chris was? He got Jack into the hospice bed in our den and made him comfortable.  Jack really enjoyed Chris as did I.  And then there was Jackie my live-in. She was so lovable and was there with me when Jack passed.”

“Boyd and his team at FirstLight Home Care have been nothing short of wonderful; right from our first interaction which began with my siblings and I in a bit of a panic over how to provide care for my Mom after her cataract surgery to what has now grown into regular companion and personal care, light chore and errand running with/for my Mom and her elder sister.  He has been able to be very flexible with scheduling updates and somewhat varying needs, all at what we consider very reasonable rates.  Boyd and his team have enabled my Mom and Aunt to remain independent in their home, exactly where they want to be!”
-David, Glen Rock

“I was very impressed with FirstLight’s staff, and the caregivers themselves seem to be extremely compassionate and capable. They are firm when they need to be and gentle when that is needed. I always get quick responses from the owner. If I leave a message, he always gets back to me quickly, even if it is the weekend.”
-Lenny, Glen Rock 

“The caregivers have helped me immensely. When you are going through a struggle like I am going through, you need some assistance. My caregivers put me before themselves and that means the world to me.”
-Susan, Midland Park

“I appreciate the caregivers. They are very professional and do exactly as I ask.”
-Cecelia, Paramus

“I appreciate that FirstLight Home Care seems very interested in my needs. They are concerned. The caregivers look great and act very professionally. They get to work. The people that FirstLight Home Care have sent me are perfect.”
-Philip, Glen Rock

“The caregiver is great and meeting my expectations and conversing with me. FirstLight Home Care has been able to handle all of my needs that I need met.”
-Marcia B., Glen Rock

“FirstLight Home Care caregivers brought me back from the dead. Their services are absolutely meeting my expectations.”
-Jocelyn, Glen Rock

“The caregivers pay attention to my wife and hold her hand. They talk to her and take care of her. FirstLight Home Care has taken a lot of pressure off of me.”
-Lynne, Glen Rock

“Boyd, my service coordinator, came to my home with the caregiver before they started for an introduction and I really liked them. The thing that I appreciate the most about the care from FirstLight Home Care is that they have sent quality caregivers…most have had many years of experience. The caregiver helps the client to get out. It helps me to have respite time, free time for me.
-Jackie, Park Ridge, NJ

“They have someone there when I need them, even if it’s 5:30 am!”
-Dave, Glen Rock, NJ

“Any small problems that arise, they fix. They anticipate problems and provide a quick response.”
-Mary, MD

“I appreciate that FirstLight Home Care provides good caregivers who have shown their compassion by being with her in the hospital. I’m confident in the FirstLight Home Care office staff because they and the owner are always responsive and accessible. I would recommend FirstLight Home Care to somebody else because I’ve been extremely satisfied with their services.”
-Joan, Wyckoff, NJ

“I can always get a hold of the office staff. The caregivers provide great companionship.”
-Diane, Glen Rock, NJ

“The service is reliable and it takes the pressure off the family.”

“FirstLight is caring and compassionate. They’ve been very helpful in going through the process with us. I’m seven hundred miles away and they’re working with me to keep me informed.”
-Marianne., Glen Rock

“FirstLight Home Care really will send the right person who will help your loved one so much. I appreciate the caregiver that we have. She is excellent. Our caregiver speaks to her, has patience with her, hugs the client when it is needed and leaves the client alone when she needs to be alone.”
-Winifred, Hawthorne, NJ

“My caregiver shows her care and concern for me through always being interested in me. It’s not just a job that she does when she is here, but she spends time talking to me, making things easier for me.”
-Diane, Glen Rock

“I appreciate that the caregivers have to be prompt in checking in with the office staff from my home phone. This ensures that the caregiver is on time. The caregiver does not wait for me to ask her to do something. She takes the duties upon herself to be completed without me having to ask.”
-Vivian, Oakland

“I am very pleased with FirstLight Home Care in Northern NJ. I would recommend them for sure!!” Client

“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your help last weekend, and to say how pleased we all were with the excellent job that Jackie did under stressful circumstances. With both my brother and I being 5 hours away, she really went above and beyond both in her quick thinking as well as keeping us all in the loop via phone. She is a great asset to your company. Thanks again!”

“I feel like FirstLight has been more than what I expected, especially with my experiences with other agencies that were awful. When I need FirstLight or have a question, they are always there to give me good feedback. I couldn’t be happier with the care. I feel like I lucked out having FirstLight for home care and Jessica as a caregiver.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend FirstLight Home Care for primary or supplemental Care Giver Support. In my case I live out of state and it was important to find a local reputable provider that I could count on. My first meeting was very informative and no pressure. FirstLight made every effort to find Care Givers that worked well with my mother’s personality and needs. They were successful with three Care Givers that all exceeded my expectations in their work and genuine concern for her well being.”
John, Arizona

“FirstLight is a wonderful company with fantastic staff. Taking care of an elderly loved one for the very first time is scary, heart wrenching and stressful. Boyd helped us through this very stressful time with caregivers that were extremely patient, kind and understanding. Mary Ann (and the entire staff) were terrific in not only helping our aging parents with placement of a caregiver, but also were helpful in assisting me through this difficult and emotional time. I would highly recommend FirstLight to anyone who needs services for a loved one.”

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