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Because Your Quality of Life Matters Too

No matter if you are providing care for an elderly family member or a chronically ill one or one with a disability, you are doing this because you love and care for them. You are committed to seeing to it that they get everything they need to enjoy the best possible way of life and that says a lot about you. You are demonstrating your compassion, your generosity and your patience. You are also showing that you would do whatever it takes to help the one that you care about.

But what about you? What about your needs? The task of caregiving is a demanding one. If you care for someone but do so at the expense of your own self-care, this could end up having consequences that were never intended. In order to not create any resentment over time as you continue to care for another’s needs over your own needs, you must pay attention to your fulfillment and happiness. If left untended, any resentment could possible fester and grow larger, eventually changing a relationship that was great at one time into a chore done out of obligation. This is not good for you or for the loved one that you care for so much. Don’t forget that your loved one wants you to be happy as well!

What Is Middletown NY Respite Care?

Our Middletown and Newburgh NY Respite Care Service wants you to be able to take a break from your primary caregiving responsibilities, letting you focus on yourself for a time needed. So when you are out and about caring for yourself and your needs we are there to ensure that your loved one is receiving very good care. Our caregivers are both compassionate and professional, providing respite care services in the Middletown NY and Newburgh area. At any setting or at home for whatever amount of time you need: just for a few hours, for a whole day, an overnight stay or for a long-term stay when needed. We can provide these services if you need us once or if you would like us to help on an ongoing schedule. Our services specialize in elderly respite care but we are able to help an adult of any age.

FirstLight Respite Care Services
  • Reminders for Medication
  • Personal Mobility Assistance
  • Personal Hygiene and Bathing
  • Dementia Care Services
  • Meals Prepared and Special Diet Considerations
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Various Chores around the House
  • Much, much more!
Remember to Be Yourself

Your caregiving work is so important but it is only a part of who you are. Not tending to all that makes you who you are or to your spouse, friends, family, interests and hobbies as well as your education and career can lead you into difficulty. Family caregivers are very likely to suffer higher stress levels as well as exhaustion and other kinds of health issues when time is not set aside for themselves. No one should feel guilty for desiring a time for themselves. It is okay to want that time. In fact, every person deserves an opening to take a break, to simply step out of the caregiving routine in order to get some refreshment, relaxation and get re-energized. This is normal, healthy and can actually making your caregiving relationship with your loved one stronger. This is true because when you are happy and fulfilled and rested, you will both enjoy the benefits of that. At FirstLight Respite Care Services of Montgomery Ny and Newburgh NY, we want to help you find the “you” that could otherwise get lost in the shuffle all while giving uncompromising quality of attention and care to your loved one’s needs.

Contact us today at our Montgomery, NY location today to see how we can provide respite care services throughout Middletown, New Paltz, Monroe and more!

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