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At-Home Personal Care Services in Narberth, PA

Assistance with Daily Living Activities

As our loved ones age, you may find they need more personal care than they are willing to let on. For instance, you may notice Dad is having more difficulty with tasks such as brushing his teeth or performing everyday chores lately.
Similarly, you think Mom could benefit from having someone around to have friendly conversations with during the day. If you find this to be true, it is likely time to have a conversation with your parent about receiving at-home personal care services.

The conversation may be one of the most challenging a parent and child can ever have. For your senior loved one, it might represent them losing their independence. Likewise, it is often hard for the adult child to come to terms that a parent needs help with their personal care.

Also, your senior parent may not want to admit they need any help at all. For them, being able to maintain everyday living activities is critical to feeling and staying independent. Nevertheless, it is important to get them the essential assistance they require.

Reassuring, At-Home Personal Care

Transitioning to an assisted living facility or nursing home can cause an aging parent to feel a great deal of anxiety. That is where FirstLight’s at-home personal care for seniors comes in. We provide peace of mind, and our specialized personal care service in Narbeth and the Main Line, allows seniors to age in place in the comfort of their own homes, thereby alleviating stress for everyone.

To answer that call, the well-trained and compassionate caregivers at FirstLight Home Care visit your family member to provide at-home personal care. That way, you get reassurance, and your loved one gets the comfort, dignity, and assistance they deserve.

Personal Care Services Offered

The professional and respectful caregivers at FirstLight Home Care are trained thoroughly to assist seniors with anything from oral & personal hygiene to companionship & engagement. The following list gives more details about the at-home personal care services we provide:

  • Bathing & Hygiene Care

    Regular bathing is essential to maintain emotional and physical health. Keeping that in mind, our at-home personal caregivers are experts at assisting with bathing, personal hygiene, and other personal care services. Caregivers always focus on preserving the dignity and comfort of each of their charges, too.

  • Walking & Mobility Assistance

    We recognize that seniors benefit from regular movement both physically and mentally. FirstLight Home Caregivers carefully consider the physical limitations and comfort of each client’s ability to walk, climb stairs, get in and out of vehicles, and make other routine movements as they assist them.

  • Transfer & Posture

    In addition to helping our clients with regular movement around the home or in town, our personal care services also concentrate on ensuring they each maintain proper posture for activities such as sitting, reading, or watching television. Doing so helps them with digestion and circulation. Caregivers at FirstLight also assist with helping clients get in and out of bed or to the bathroom.

  • Continence & Toileting Care

    Our caregivers are trained and experienced in assisting with urinary and bowel care. We understand the role toileting care can play in a client’s comfort, self-esteem, and social life. Training in good toilet habits can also include higher fluid intake and changes to diet to include more fiber (see next).

  • Special Diets & Meal Preparation

    We work with clients, families, and nutrition professionals to plan and prepare healthy meals according to our clients’ specific needs. This assistance can include shopping for special diets (diabetic, low-sodium, high fiber, low-trans fat, etc.) and preparing their favorite dishes “just right.”

  • Eating Assistance

    Daily tasks can become especially difficult for aging adults, especially if they have Alzheimer’s or other progressive brain illnesses. This difficulty can extend to the capabilities of feeding themselves. Our personal care services provide exceptional sensitivity, care, and safety for clients with these challenges.

  • Oral Hygiene

    Excellent dental health is key to better overall health, and our assistance helps seniors maintain a healthy smile. FirstLight Home Care helps our clients with mouth, gum, and denture care to encourage better overall oral hygiene.

  • Companionship & Engagement

    Caregivers at FirstLight engage with seniors socially by engaging in friendly conversation, reading books, sharing jokes, or helping put together puzzles. These activities help keep their mind sharp while also helping combat depression and other negative emotions.

How Can Senior Home Care Help Me?

You’ve got a lot on your plate between work and the everyday activities that make up your life. And family caregivers who do not allow enough time for themselves can experience elevated stress levels, fatigue, and severe health problems.

FirstLight comes to the rescue of busy families and professionals, and our trained professionals can assist you with needed daily home care services. Known as respite care, this customized plan can lessen your workload by helping with anything from running errands to organizing the mail and paperwork in your home.

Safe At-Home Care Gives You Peace of Mind

To further give you peace of mind, our at-home caretakers help you keep a senior loved one safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. FirstLight Home Care remains committed to providing the best personal care services for our clients during these uncertain times.

COVID-19 response measures we have implemented include the following:

  • Screening caregivers and previously visited clients to minimize risks.
  • Assessing at-home personal care needs by phone call or virtual means.
  • Minimizing client contact with others by picking up their prescriptions, groceries, and other items for them.
  • Continually washing and disinfecting hands and surfaces.
  • Using and providing personal protection apparel such as masks and gloves.

Remember, you are not alone, and FirstLight Home Care has a variety of dedicated family care services in Narberth, PA to assist you. Our caregivers are ready and available to provide the care and support your loved one needs to feel safe, comforted, and cared for while they age in place at home. For more information about at-home personal care services, please give us a call at (610) 616-0604 or contact us online.

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