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Of course you always want to be there for your loved one, to provide the best and most loving care only you can give. Besides helping out with innumerable household chores and personal needs, there’s nobody else who can see to the needs of your dear one better than you do. You provide so much comfort and companionship, not to mention your hugs and unconditional love.

We at FirstLight know that we could never occupy that most special part of your loved one’s heart reserved only for you. What we can do is help you make sure that he or she is given the best of care when you have to be elsewhere, for the short term or the long-term as need.

Regain Independence

Proudly providing compassionate adult day care and in home care to St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and surrounding areas, FirstLight caregivers are a lot like you. Our experience lends itself to the patience and compassion needed too brighten any situation. We continually strive to help you and your family find the joy in each and every day – giving your loved one more independence and hope. We work with the disability, while focusing on the positive.

It is our Companion Care and Personal Care services which help you out with the everyday tasks. Preparing meals and eating, doing light housekeeping, as well as the laundry, from helping out with bathing, personal hygiene, and bathroom usage, are all just a few things we can assist with to make both you and your loved ones lives a little easier. We can even alleviate headaches by doing paper work!

Don’t forget our signature respite care, which offers you a much-needed break from your own caregiving role to take time for yourself. There’s also our Travel Companion Program to assist your loved one when traveling.

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