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We’d like to give a special thanks to our caregivers. Without your dedication & compassion, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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First Light was a LIGHT in a very dark time. My Pop was being discharged from the hospital, but he wasn’t able to completely care for himself. He absolutely didn’t want to go to a care-center and the hospital refused to release him unless he had 24 hour care.

First Light was on the hospital’s list to call. Within a matter of hours, they had a representative at the hospital explaining the care we could expect. We set up a plan and signed the paperwork. We coordinated with First Light and different family members to get the 24 hour care in place. It was definitely a team effort. And as a family, we were thankful to have First Light on our team.

Discharged the next day, the caregiver met us at the house and began to ‘get the lay of the land.’
The small, revolving team was willing to navigate the roller coaster ride of ‘client pain’ and, what we know now, as ‘end of life’ journey.

Day to day, they were prompt and friendly, engaged with him as much as he would allow, and took an interest in the amazing man and his life story. They made adjustments to the schedule with improving conditions of Pop’s health.

Our last contact with First Light was a bittersweet day. Our caregiver had been called during her ‘off- hours’ to the house when Pop wasn’t feeling well. She assessed the situation and called the “Squad.” With 911 on the way, she called and informed me of what was going on. Pop agreed that he would go to the hospital. I was an hour away. Our First Light caregiver followed the ambulance and met me at the hospital. Going above and beyond.

Pop is in Full LIGHT now.

Thanks First Light for helping us give Pop his independence.

-Jeri H.


FirstLight has been great – my dad lives rurally and that made it hard to find someone. They matched him with a caregiver that he really likes and in just a few short weeks he talks about them like they are a good friend. Thank you!!

Mel F.


FirstLight has been wonderful in caring for my Mom. The caregivers truly care and make sure that she is happy, eats right, and continues to be active. With the help of FirstLight I am able to also take care of myself knowing that my Mom is safe when I cannot be with her.

– CL B.


Great caring and easy company to work with. In a world where you question everyone’s motives these people REALLY care for the people they serve. From the very start they were there to care for my parents. Thank you Jennifer for setting everything up. And a heart warming thank you for Kristen. This women is an angel on earth. She cared for my mom and dad like they were her own parents. In a very stressful time for my brother and I she took control and made everything alright. Kristen you now have a special place in my heart. Thank you for being the person you are!!! I am forever indebted to you. GOD Bless you for all you do!!!

– Richard K.


We first found First Light in California, soon after the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s was made and my Mom needed more care than we could provide. the service and attention to her care and well being was great and First Light rapidly became a member of the family. The move to Oregon was made even better than imagined when we found that First Light was also available here. The same service, attention to Mom’s care and well being have been no less than OUTSTANDING. Our caregiver has made it her purpose to see to more than just Mom’s daily needs by occasionally bring a treat, a card or some flowers to brighten her day. First Light provides a much needed service in the most friendly and accommodating manner possible. You cannot go wrong by ringing them up if you have similar needs.

– Andy B.


I was worried that my mom who lives in Salem wasn’t taking care of herself or monitoring her diabetes so I decided to search online for in-home care and came across FirstLight. They’re very friendly and make the whole process easy. Not only do they remind my mom to check her insulin regularly and take her medication but they have also prepared meals for her that allow her to follow her doctor recommended diet. They take her outside for walks and have even set up an exercise routine for her.

– Sarah E.


From the start, First Light matched us up with someone so compatible that we got off to a great start. Her set of skills and personality matched our needs almost perfectly, even to our offbeat sense of humor. We could relax knowing we could count on her. She had a good attitude and liked learning new things. She left a big hole when she left.

– Matt D.


We started with First Light some time ago. My Husband is who receives their Services. Like any time starting a program,
and having people in our home, takes some getting use to. Yet First Light has always been there to listen to any concern
we had and to give support and listen to any problems I had as a wife getting use to others in the house.
I found the staff they sent in were great, and very teachable and caring towards my husband. They also were concerned
for my needs and often asked to help me, and made sure I was doing okay as well.

– Maryann B.


A wonderful organization. Professional and competent with caring and responsive caregivers. We are very lucky to be able to utilize their services.

– Patricia P.


Our caregiver Ivanna from FirstLight is the best! Over the last six months she has cared for my husband three days a week. Ivanna ‘s experience in caregiving and professionalism is much appreciated. She has been trustworthy, and reliable. She has consistently shown excellent communication skills and calm. pleasant demeanor.
She always gives 100% effort.

– Carla G.


Martha is my mom’s caretaker and she is great to work with. She gets my mom to shower even when my mom is trying her hardest to get out of it. I enjoy having her come to my home and appreciate what she does.

– Lynn B.


FirstLight sends honest, loyal, dependable and reliable people to come care for you. We love how FirstLight is always on top of communication and needs. I have a caregiver Nicole who’s hardworking, stays busy throughout the whole day and does anything she is asked to do, no matter the task.

– Allen M.


Julie was scheduled to be with my mother for five days. She was always here ahead of time worked very well with my mother and also cleaned up around the house.
FirstLight Home Care made contact with me when it was noted they would take care of mom during the period needed. They came to the house and made sure what was needed would be in the scope of work. Prior to the time to start the work a conformation call was made about times and dates with a schedule for Julie to visit the house and cover the needs and expectations we had of the work.
FirstLight Home Care was very responsive to our needs and exceeded our requirements.

– Larry B.


I have been using the services from FirstLight since Sept/2021 and have been very satisfied with the staff and caregivers who have been assigned to me. The staff are very attentive to my needs. The caregivers {Alexis and Delilah} are exceptional, timely, quick to learn and treat me with respect. I highly recommend FirstLight for services anyone is in need of.

– Tom W.

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