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A Personalized, Engaging Approach to Dementia Care

For Any Stage of Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s Disease

At FirstLight Home Care, we have developed dementia care plans to help people who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s cope with the anxiety, depression, confusion and isolation that often accompanies the disease. Our unique programs in San Diego and La Jolla for dementia care and elderly care services, help not only the dementia sufferer, but also the family as a whole.

Our team of caregivers honors the uniqueness of each person who receives their services. Each person who receives care has, of course, their own personality, passions, and way of communicating and relating. Each person is also in a different stage in his or her disease. That’s why our Person-First Dementia Care emphasizes the individual as a dynamic person and not as a ‘case’.

Person-First Dementia Care

Our Dementia Care Program provides care that is appropriately catered to each individual we serve, and not their disease.

Each one of our caregivers knows how to incorporate the unique personality of each person they serve, in order to provide the personalized and attentive care that makes for a flourishing life lived with purpose.

That is why the correspondence between our caregiver and you or your loved one begins with our “Who I Am” booklet, to capture and understand the most cherished and defining things about each person. Such questions include:

  • What makes me happy?
  • What makes me laugh?
  • What frustrates or distresses me?
  • When do I feel accomplished?

The answers to these questions help each one of our dementia care and elderly care coordinators to develop the customized dementia care plans that we pride ourselves on for clients in San Diego and La Jolla. Additionally, our rigorous caregiving selection process and ongoing consultation ensures that each family is comfortable with and confident in the chosen caregiver.

To ensure we are providing top-quality services as well as evolving as a team, we survey each client and provide regular client and caregiver focus groups and advisory councils. We want every family we work with to have the most comfortable experience possible. If you would like more information about our dementia care and elderly care services in San Diego and La Jolla, reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team today!

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