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Living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be incredibly isolating, and people often feel anxious, confused, and depressed as their condition progresses. Here at FirstLight Home Care, we understand the unique needs of those living with these diseases, and have created specialized dementia care and elderly care plans for seniors in Beverly Hills that take into account not only the person’s illness, but their whole well-being and their family too.

There is no one standard picture of dementia, and each person will experience the signs and symptoms differently. Individuals with dementia may behave, act, and remember in different ways, and we acknowledge this fact with our personalized care plans.

Person-First Dementia Care

Our innovative Dementia Care Program, which is structured around the individual, not the disease, is one of the many things that makes FirstLight Home Care different. This approach allows us to see who your loved one is today, as well as the person they used to be, gathering personalized information to tailor our care to their personality and goals. Our dementia care and elderly care program has been designed to ensure that those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s in Beverly Hills can live out the rest of their days with purpose and contentment.

The “Who I Am” booklet, given to each client, covers more than simple medical history. Our team of caregivers wants to really get to know your loved one, and understand things like:

  • What makes you laugh or feel happy?
  • What kinds of things make you feel useful and accomplished?
  • What things frustrate or distress you?

Using these answers, we can create a totally unique and personalized care plan for your loved one with dementia. We know that entrusting someone else with your family member’s daily care is a huge step, so we invite you to take part in the caregiver selection process. Our rigorous program entails one-on-one consultations, continual trainings, client surveys, focus groups, and advisory boards, ensuring that we always offer the highest level of dementia care and elderly care to our clients and their families in Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica.

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