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The team at FirstLight Home Care wants to care for your loved one as you would. That’s why our senior care services are so close to our heart. Because you’re the one who knows your loved one inside and out, our staff will speak to you about their needs and desires. As we help foster the highest quality of life for your loved one, we’ll bring he or she into the conversation too. Your loved one should know that independence and respect are the major factors that rule our homecare services. Being their alternative caregiver should be a fun thing and not a cause for concern.

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Why Choose FirstLight to Provide My Loved One’s Homecare or Senior Care?

You’ll be pleased to note that the team at FirstLight Home Care is committed to both long-term and short-term care goals. Although we’re certainly there for your loved one as a companion, we also perform other duties around the home. Assisting with mobility, cooking, bathing, toileting needs, cooking, laundry and other critical services is part of a normal, caregiver day. Don’t worry if you need help on a Sunday at 10 p.m. because we’re available every day and hour of the year.

FirstLight extends our homecare and senior care assistance to those in Warrenton, Culpepper, Locust Grove, and surrounding communities. Senior care is our most requested service, and they might be at their home, whether it’s a nursing facility or living with family members. The older generation might be suffering from chronic illnesses or loneliness. We also offer our expertise to new mothers and military family members. Anyone who needs a supportive person to lean on is welcome in our homecare services, made available to Warrenton, Culpepper, and Locust Grove.

What Are the Advantages of Home Care Versus Senior Care in a Facility?

Being uprooted from a loving home can be mentally stressing for seniors. Moving them to a senior facility might make practical or financial sense, but the emotional toll on the senior might make their current health much worse. Consider homecare for a senior who simply needs minor assistance. These seniors will often have better motility when they can walk around their own home, for example.

Alternatively, families might require our services at a nursing facility. We’re pleased to sit and chat with a loved one, take them to appointments, or run a few errands. Caregivers can even help around the retirement home based on the loved one’s desires. Both physical and emotional care are key services that we provide.

Contact us today to learn more about our senior care and homecare services, available to those in Warrenton, Culpepper, Locust Grove, and surrounding areas.

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