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When you or your loved one needs help at home, turn to FirstLight HomeCare. We offer complete companion and personal care services for seniors, new mothers, those recovering from surgery, or anyone who just needs a little assistance. And with our trusted, highly-trained caregivers and additional, innovative services, you’ll have even greater peace-of-mind.

Questions to Ask Your Aging Parents

“When my Dad passed away unexpectedly, I was ill-equipped to handle all the financial, emotional and legal issues that arose. I never wanted to ask him too many questions, thinking he would say it was “none of my business.” But suddenly I was thrust into the role of caregiver for my Mom, with none of the pertinent information I needed to make the transition for both of us easier. He had kept my Mom in the dark about many issues, so not only was I grieving, but dealing with a lot of loose ends. I would literally wait for the mail to come and see what surprises it held.” ~ Cindy Smith, Grieving Daughter

Sound familiar? At FirstLight HomeCare, we've been there. We’ve seen many families ill-equipped to deal with a parent’s illness or death. It's important to open up a conversation about their future needs and wishes, and often best to ask these questions over time, when your parents are still relatively healthy and active. Otherwise, you may find yourself making critical decisions on their behalf in the midst of a crisis.

We realize these are not easy questions or discussions to have, but we also don’t want you to wait until it’s too late. 

How do you ask these tough questions? What do you need to know? This helpful list of questions will get you started. 

How else can we help you?  Contact us today.



Real Peace of Mind

The responsibility of caring for an older parent or relative is a part of life for many adults across the country. At FirstLight, we see caring for seniors as a privilege, not just an obligation. So, when you can’t be there, you can count on us to provide great care and an understanding smile in a place that’s near and dear to their hearts—home.

Companion Care • Personal Care • Dementia Care • Respite Care • Travel Companion Program


A Helping Hand

Recovering from an illness or injury—even surgery or childbirth—can make it difficult to perform daily household tasks or, in some cases, manage personal care. We offer a helping hand that makes regaining or maintaining independence easier with personalized support and sincere encouragement from experienced caregivers.

Companion Care • Personal Care • Respite Care • Travel Companion Program 


Compassion & Experience

Living with a disability presents unique challenges, but dignity and quality of life should never be compromised. We understand how to help people with disabilities and their families face their own personal challenges in ways that promote independence and offer reassurance; always mindful that a person is not defined by his or her disability.

Companion Care • Personal Care • Respite Care • Travel Companion Program


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