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What Is Respite Care?

Caregivers are constantly on the go taking care of a loved one who has a disability or is tending to an elderly family member, which takes extra energy and time away from other family members, or daily essentials needing to be done to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being committed to your loved one, your needs may go unattended something that FirstLight Greenville recognizes.

Our Greenville respite care staff will become team members with you and your family to create a support network for your family member and you, the care provider, to give you both a rest from the daily intensity of maintaining daily living.

By having a sound Greenville respite care support team to relieve you of the responsibilities for even an hour, entire day, overnight, or longer if needed to give you a break will allow for a quality of life for both care giver and client. During this time you as the main care giver can revitalize your strengths to give the best of yourself to the family member who is disabled, chronically ill, and or elderly.

Respite care is meant to give the care provider the much needed rest and comfort of knowing someone you trust, has your loved one’s best interest in mind.

Our professional Greenville elderly care givers specialize in elderly respite care, but also expand to any adult needing our help.

When do you ask for respite care?

– Before feeling resentful about your daily tasks

– When you feel tired and worn out

– When you feel like there is no time to care for personal needs of your own

– When you want to do something that may be hard for your loved one to participate in

– Or when you just need the extra helping hand

Asking for help from the right trustworthy people can make a difference in your relationships as a whole including the family member who is elderly, ill or disabled.

What does FirstLight Respite Care Services provide?

– Caregiver support

– Companionship

– Assistance with mobility

– Social activities

– Personal hygiene and bathing

– Dementia Care

– Meal preparation and special diets

– Light housekeeping

– Laundry

-And much more!

Quality care is essential to both the provider and loved one needing the extra care to live a full and healthy lifestyle.

It is important for you the caregiver to keep a healthy perspective as whole. By taking time with friends, family, hobbies, and other interests you may have, you will be able to keep your levels of stress, exhaustion, and other issues at bay.

When you take care of yourself you are able to give the best elderly care to the loved one that needs you the most.

FirstLight Home Care Greenville is the leader in healthcare services because we care about you and your family member with professionalism and trust needed in each unique situation, giving the best of services to meet the needs of your loved one.

Contact us today to see about our respite care services.Located in Greenville, we offer our respite care and elderly care services to the communities of Greer, Spartanburg, and Mauldin.

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