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We know your first priority when choosing a home care provider is finding someone you can trust and rely on… someone who will care for your loved one as you would, and as we would our own. We’ve been where you are, and this is one of the main reasons we chose to be in this business.

Danny FeldmanDanny Feldman has been a practicing attorney for 27 years when he decided to get into the home care business. His reasons for getting into Mobile home care are very personal – his aging parents both had health setbacks at the same time. His mom, Julia, fell and broke her knee and his dad, Brian, suffered a significant blood pressure spike, landing him in the hospital. Brian and Julia, who were 78 and 82 respectively, were self-sufficient one day and not the next. Many assisted living and independent living facilities were researched by Danny and his siblings. But like many elderly parents, they wanted to remain in their home for rehabilitation, where they could maintain their independence.

Although Danny and his family were able to provide for their parent’s needs on a short term basis, he began wondering what other families needing home care would do. Danny’s research into the non-medical home care market in Mobile led him to discover FirstLight Home Care, a growing franchise with an emphasis on finding and training extraordinary people to provide exceptional care.

Danny, also serves as the Chairman of the Board for Trips for Kids, a non-profit organization designed to introduce urban youth to cycling and the outdoors and also is a board member of Alabike, a statewide group designed to increase safe cycling throughout the State. He is a former member and former President of the Homewood City Council (1992-2000) and is happily married to Mary Anne (Mur) Feldman.


Mary AnneMary Anne (Mur) Feldman is an independent marketing contractor, selling and supporting educational software provided by Turning Technologies (formerly eInstruction).  She markets to schools K-12 throughout Alabama and Mississippi.  Over the past several years, Mur and her business partners have won numerous awards for the high volume of sales she has generated and for the strong customer support she has shown.

Mur became involved with Mobile homecare not only as a result of Danny’s recent experiences with his parents, but Mur too has experienced care-giving on a first hand basis. A few years ago, Mur’s mother Bette, went into the hospital for a fairly routine surgical procedure. Due to complications, including COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), she did not leave the hospital until months later.  Mur is well aware of the stress caring for elderly parents can place on families in general and working moms in particular.



Danel FeldmanDani Feldman, FirstLight Mobile’s Care Coordinator, is a recent graduate of Guilford College where she earned a BA in Sociology and Anthropology. While new to this industry, Dani is very excited to be a part of the Mobile home care community. She comes from a big and loving family and is committed to providing the type of quality healthcare she would want her grandparents and loved ones to receive.






Jon LewisJon Lewis has been practicing law for 21 years, and has enjoyed helping others in his law practice at Lewis, Feldman & Lehane, LLC. When his father began having health problems, beginning with his massive stroke 8 years ago, he first thought about the home care business.

In April, 2012, Jon’s mom, 75 at the time, was diagnosed with lung cancer, so he now had his father, 83, and his mom to take care of. It was this event which really brought the home care business to light. Jon was helping pay bills, shopping for groceries, taking out the garbage, and taking his mom to the oncologist for appointments and chemotherapy treatments, all while caring for his three children and running a law practice. It began to wear on him, so he sought out help because his parents would never think of leaving their home.

Jon is committed to helping Mobile seniors find extraordinary people to provide exceptional care and keep people in the comfort of their own home.

Personally, Jon has three children: Alec (16), Leigh (14), and Zachary (12). Jon has been on the Board of the Downtown YMCA for seven (7) years, he is also on the Board of the Sunrise Rotary, and he has been a consistent participant in the Legal Leaders program to raise funds for the fight against Muscular Dystrophy.

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