Naples, FL

A Personalized, Engaging Approach to Dementia Care

For Any Stage of Dementia, Including Alzheimer’s Disease

Dementia isn’t a one-size-fits all disease. Each person suffering from dementia will react and behave differently because every person is unique. Our philosophy on dementia care is to treat each patient we take care of as the individual that they are. With this approach in mind, we have developed a Dementia Care Program that is entirely unique.

Person-First Dementia Care

Our Dementia Care Program is built around each individual. We incorporate who a person is currently and who they have been throughout life in order to build a program that really caters to each individual. Our main goal in creating a care program for each person is to ensure that they live life with purpose, and that life is fun and interesting no matter what stage of the disease that person is facing.

Our team will create a specialized booklet that we like to call the “Who I Am Booklet” for each person we work with. This booklet contains the answers to the questions that matter the most in life including:

  • What makes your cry or laugh?
  • What helps you to feel proud or accomplished?
  • What are the things that frustrate you?
  • Do you have any anxiety or distress? How are those things provoked?

The highly trained staff at FirstLight Home Care of Naples will use the details in this book to create an individual Alzheimer’s care plan for your loved one. The “Who I Am” booklet sets FirstLight apart from other home care providers, since we take the time to find out who each client really is. In addition to creating a personalized plan, we also continuously monitor each plan to make sure that it is effective by going through the following steps:

  • Focus groups for both clients and caregivers
  • Satisfaction surveys that are given to clients
  • Special advisory councils

With continued monitoring of each personalized plan, we make sure that your loved one is always living life to the fullest.

Contact us for more information on how FirstLight Naples’ Dementia Care Program can make a difference in your loved one’s care. Located in Naples, we offer our dementia care and Alzheimer’s care programs to residents of Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Immokalee and Estero.

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