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Every year FirstLight Home Care offers an opportunity for each of the 144 FirstLight offices across the nation to submit a caregiver for the National Caregiver of the Year Award. This year the Olympia office nominated Tristan Hicks. Tristan is a detail-oriented caregiver who is full of warmth and comfort. His respectful and empathetic nature showcases his value as a caregiver and a vital part of the FirstLight team. We are excited and honored that Tristan was named one of the three finalists for National Caregiver of the Year.

Below are just two of the many testimonials about Tristan:

Tristan is one of the few positives that has come out of this sad journey for my mother. Mom may not say two words all day long to her family and facility staff, but the minute Tristan walks in the room, she perks up and engages with him. He talks with her about how she is doing, pain, etc. and they talk about her childhood, etc. He holds her hand, comforts her, and makes her feel special (because she is!). They are sweet together and Mom, when she was healthier, would ask throughout the day when he was coming. We would ‘do the Tristan countdown’ – he is coming in six hours, three hours, etc. To quote my mother, ‘There is just something special about Tristan, I love him so.’ We’ve decided that Mom is going to hang on as along as she can so she can spend more time with Tristan.” -Cathy, Olympia

Tristan is both an excellent and unique caregiver. He is one of the most well-mannered and sincere people I have ever met. He is a special combination of gentle yet strong; warm yet professional. Tristan has goals that he will undoubtedly achieve. He is serious about his work and his future. His approach to his clients is also serious, but moreover caring and very meticulous. He is my husband’s caregiver, I have every confidence that his care will be more than excellent. He is a true care companion to my husband. Thank you, Tristan, for all you do and the manner in which you do it!” – Cheryl, Olympia

Tristan Hicks and Sarah Lane (Owner) posing with the Certificate of Recognition and Finalist Trophy.

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