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You have a tremendous amount of compassion, patience, and selflessness for taking care of your loved one yourself. Prioritizing another person’s needs and comfort takes a kind of strength that few people have achieved. Though our team respects your ability to provide this care, we know all too well that putting another person’s happiness and health first can jeopardize your own. 

If you lose touch with your own needs in providing care for someone else, you risk compromising the relationship between you and your loved one as well. A resentment can even begin to grow, as you feel more and more depleted and unable to make time for yourself. What’s worse is that, as a result, the caregiving you’re providing can suffer, because you aren’t allowing yourself time and space to replenish your energy and focus. This is bad news for both you and your loved one! To avoid this, we offer Valparaiso respite care services in Schererville, Michigan City and surrounding areas, to give you a little break from your regular caregiving responsibilities.

What Is Respite Care?

If you would benefit from having a little more time to yourself and away from caregiving, consider taking advantage of our Valparaiso Respite Care service also offered in Schererville, Michigan City, and nearby communities. It is a program wherein one of our esteemed caregivers handles a portion of your typical responsibilities, freeing up the time desired for you to re-energize and re-center. Whether you need a few more hours each day or a few more days each week to yourself, we have the tools and specialty to allow you this freedom.

As a caregiver, it is vital to take this time for yourself. Our in home caregivers provide our Valparaiso Respite Care service either right in your loved one’s home or wherever most convenient for you in Schererville, Michigan City, and other surrounding cities. Though our expertise lies in elderly respite care, we extend this program to any adult that would benefit from our service. Above all, we provide peace-of-mind in the assurance that your loved one is well cared for while you enjoy a bit of much needed time to yourself.

FirstLight Respite Care Services
  • Companionship
  • Medication reminders
  • Help with personal mobility
  • Bathing and personal hygiene
  • Dementia care
  • Special diets and meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Other household chores
  • And much more!
Remember to Be Yourself

It is too easy and almost natural to lose sight of your own family, friends, passions, and even career in caregiving. Especially when it’s your own loved one that you are looking after. However, losing touch with all the things that bring you happiness can compromise the caregiver/care receiver relationship. An awful dynamic of low energy, low esteem, and anxiety can ensue, leaving you feeling depleted every day, wondering what happened to all the joy that you once found in looking after your loved one.

For someone who so readily puts others’ needs first, it is difficult to truly believe that you also deserve happiness, fulfillment, and a hard-earned break from the hectic day-to-day. You must remind yourself that you do deserve time to yourself! You do deserve to be able to focus on your own passions and priorities. When able to re-energize and re-center, your happiness and joy is restored and amplified. This happiness and joy, of course, is the very gift that you are able to give your loved one in caregiving in the first place! If you feel you are struggling to keep your head above water, we recommend considering our Valparaiso in home caregivers and Respite Care services offered in Schererville, Michigan City and surrounding areas, in order to help you strike the desired balance in your life once again.

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