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care after hospital discharge

Care After a Hospital Discharge

From our Care Blog

For aging adults, a trip to the hospital has the potential to stretch on for several days, and medical procedures can bring a host of new caregiving responsibilities that continue even after the patient heads home. Older adults often need greater levels of care during a hospital stay, and this…

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parenting an aging parent

Parenting an Aging Parent

From our Care Blog

As our society ages, the children of older parents are faced with the fact that they may have to care for Mom, Dad, or both as they enter their later years, which reverses the traditional parent/child roles each has known all or most of their lives. Caregivers often face other…

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consider home care

When to Consider Home Care

From our Care Blog

If you traveled home for the holidays and spent some time with your elderly parents, you may have noticed they need a little extra assistance at home. Although it can often be difficult to know when your loved one is no longer able to live independently, there are some tell-tale…

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facing caregiver burnout

Are You Facing Caregiver Burnout?

From our Care Blog

It’s well-documented that caregivers often suffer from emotional and physical health problems because of their overwhelming caregiving duties. According to the Mayo Clinic, caregiver stress is common. In fact, one in three American adults cares for a family member, and this figure is sure to rise. As a caregiver, you…

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