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Providing Companion Care Services to Prince George's County and the Surrounding Areas

In addition to practical help with everyday non-medical activities, our personalized companion care services offer emotional support, companionship and meaningful relationships built on trust and respect.

Conversation Company

Conversation and Company

Having a visitor can make all the difference in the world. A companion caregiver can share a conversation, provide friendship and help older adults stay socially connected to family, friends and their community.

Basic Household Tasks

Basic Household Tasks

It can be difficult for older adults to keep up with cleaning and organizing their home. Companion care services assist with basic household tasks such as light cleaning and laundry, and with organizing bills, mail and other important paperwork.

Grocery Shoppers

Grocery Shopping and Meal Preparation

Nutrition is the foundation for overall health and wellness, yet some seniors fail to eat a proper diet. FirstLight caregivers can manage grocery shopping and preparing meals that provide sufficient nutrition and add joy and comfort to someone’s day.

Transportation Assistance

Transportation Assistance

Getting groceries, prescriptions or dry cleaning are common needs of those who want to maintain independence at home. Our caregivers provide transportation to help clients run errands, get to appointments and attend social events and activities.

Medication Reminders

Medication Reminders

Taking medicine as prescribed is essential to overall health. Companion care includes regular reminders to ensure medications are taken properly and on time.

We Do More

Bill needs the support of a trusted companion for a once-in-a-lifetime road trip. In addition to practical help with daily activities, caregivers like Crystal provide companionship and friendship along the way.

Bill & Crystal
Shared in the joys of a road trip adventure
Planned a pitstop to see military planes
Bonded over a love of photography
Making fond memories with Bill that last a lifetime

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