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Because Your Quality of Life Matters Too

When you care for a loved one – whether they’re an elderly family member, someone with a chronic illness or disability – you do so because you care. Your caring nature shines through with your commitment to ensuring they continue to live the best quality of life they can. It speaks volumes of your compassion, generosity and patience, and the fact that you’d go to great lengths to offer help to those who matter the most. But you too have needs, and caregiving is an extremely demanding role to undertake. If you’re taking care of someone at your own expense, this can lead to consequences which can be extremely negative – you might end up not paying enough attention to your own life, your own happiness and fulfillment, something which can lead to resentment and unhappiness. The resentment you may feel from putting other people before yourself can grow, and the care you once gave can become a burden, a task, an obligation which is holding you back from living the life you deserve to live. This would be unfair to you, and also unfair to the person you care for. Never forget – your loved ones want you to be happy, too, and they want you to be free. This is where FirstLight’s respite care and elderly care for Colorado Springs and Castle Rock comes in.

How can respite care from FirstLight help?                           

FirstLight’s respite care services are designed to allow you some freedom and some time off. Being a caregiver takes up a huge amount of your personal time; we’re here to ensure you can take some time off to focus on yourself. While you go off and do whatever it is you need to do, our professional caregivers will be there to ensure your loved one receives the best possible treatment, and we can provide respite services at home, or anywhere you need us. Whether it’s for a couple of hours, a whole day, all night or even longer if necessary, we’re here for you to offer you respite care and elderly care in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock that you need. We specialize in respite care for elderly people, however, our services can be utilized by any adult who needs our assistance.

Respite Care Services from FirstLight

  • Companionship
  • Reminders for taking medication
  • Help with getting around
  • Bathing assistance and help with personal hygiene
  • Preparing meals and special dietary needs
  • Light housekeeping
  • Washing clothes
  • General household chores
  • And of course: much, much more!

Don’t Forget to Be Yourself

You aren’t just a caregiver: you are so much more. If you don’t take care of all of those other things that make you unique – whether that’s your partner or spouse, friends and family, hobbies and passions or career – you could be setting yourself up for a long road of difficult times. Family caregivers who neglect themselves through their dedication for caring for a loved one can suffer from exhaustion and stress as well as other serious health complications.

There’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty for wanting, even needing, some time for yourself. All of us deserve the chance to take some time off, to escape our daily routines, and to refresh and recharge our batteries. Not only is it normal and healthy, it will also help you strengthen your connection and relationship with the person you care for. When you’re happy, you’re both in a better situation. FirstLight respite care and elderly care services in Colorado Springs and Castle Rock will help you rediscover yourself, and take time to look after your own needs, without any compromise in quality when it comes to the care your loved one receives.

Contact us today at our West Colorado Springs, CO location today to see how we can provide respite care and elderly care services throughout El Paso, Colorado Springs, Woodland Park, and Castle Rock!

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