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We’d like to give a special thanks to our dedicated caregivers. Without your hard work, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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I would love to give Namita and her team 10 stars. My father passed last year and they have been taking care of my mom ever since. I was one of my mom’s caregivers at her Assisted Living until COVID, locked out family members. Throughout all this turmoil, my mother has had caring aides, who use all CDC guidelines to keep her safe. Although I can only visit my mom through her window, I know Namita’s team is taking good care of her. Caregivers from FirstLight Home Care are the very best. My father has Alzheimer’s and my mother is in a wheelchair. They are both in their 90’s. I never worry about them when FirstLight caregivers are with them, I know they truly care and treat them as they would their own family. If I need someone at the last minute, due to an emergency, Namita has someone there. I highly recommend FirtsLight Home Care for anyone.



First Light provided competent and caring attention during healthcare situations in both long term care and hospital facilities. Namita provides knowledgeable, available and individualized guidance and support to the caregiver staff, fostering good care and kindness. Caregivers have been creative and engaging, providing care which recognizes and respects individual personality and particular preferences and needs. Namita has been available to address our questions and concerns.promptly, Her attention to relationships among the clients (patient and family) and caregivers has fostered an environment of comfort, security, and caring.



Reliable, knowleageable, respectful, and considerate. These are the characteristics I encountered while dealing with First light Home Care staff of the Houston metro area.
I was going through what was probably one of the most difficult times of my life, having a severly disabled parent that needed to be relocated to NYC. There was a monumental amount of details that needed to be arranged and a huge amount of stress on me associated with the move, which is why I feel extremely blessed to have found First Light. I felt immediately at ease after the first phone call with owner Namita who assured me that everything would be fine and she would help me through the process….and my goodness did she.

Namita, ensured that she found the perfect travel escort (Johnny) for my mother based on conversations regarding her health needs and personality. She arranged for ground transportation and advised me on travel options. She was very candid and fair with pricing, and worked with me very patiently while completing necessary paperwork. Most of all she was kind.

Johnny was professional and very compassionate. He provided me with constant updates throughout travel, and made sure my mother was comfortable at all times.
I cannot recommend their travel escort services more.



First Light has been very reliable and professional and I have really depended on their service. Thank you First Light for being so professional.



Agency staff was quick to respond when an unexpected need developed on a holiday weekend. Care givers were professional and caring. I would definitely recommend this agency to anyone in need of home health care.



Agency staff was quick to respond when an unexpected need developed on a holiday weekend. Care givers were professional and caring. I would definitely recommend this agency to anyone in need of home health care.



24/7 Personal Care for my 91-yr old mother: Caregivers are upbeat, focused, professional, attentive, reliable, gentle, goal-oriented with regard to increasing my mother’s physical strength and wellness plus providing healthy eating habits (great cooks), and fulfill ALL of her needs promptly. Several of them send me photos of her as well as their daily logs. Since I live 3 hrs. away, that gives me peace of mind that she is being well cared for. There was a noticeable difference in my mother’s overall appearance and physical strength that were immediately apparent when I visited her after just one month of FirstLight’s involvement. She had gained weight, so no longer gaunt; she demonstrated much more movement without pain. Namita is like a Ninja when it comes to coordinating, scheduling and making sure that there are no loose ends or gaps in my mother’s caregivers’ shifts or any of the material needs to fulfill their duties.



6 months ago I had the WONDERFUL experience of dealing with Namita and her people. My mother, who is in Memory Care, had fallen and broken her hip. I am NOT from the area, living many states and a 6 hour plane flight away. I was SO lucky to have First Light recommended to me, and then to have them just ‘jump in’.

They provided an aide in the hospital for Mom on a round the clock basis, adjusting to the rather fluid schedule we were being given by the medical team. (from.. she’ll be release tomorrow to.. not till Next week to… probably two days from now) No matter what I needed Namita provided it. I didn’t want Mother by herself at all in the hospital. She was too disoriented.

The caregivers assigned to me/her were wonderful. They understood dementia. They understood the confusion of being in the hospital and in pain. They understood when she was doing well, and identified QUICKLY that a new medication she had been given was not sitting well… it was making her loopy and sleeping. And, because she was ALREADY a little loopy (dementia) and sleeping (post surgery), that was a subtle difference, but accurate. Changed the meds.. Mom perked right up!!

From the time Namita walked into the waiting room looking for me so that we could sign the paperwork, to the time I had to say goodbye to Ms B after we had returned Mom to ‘her home’, they treated my mother as if she were their own, and they LOVED her. And I loved working WITH them!!

It’s taken a while to get back to this review, but I KNOW that if I ever need homecare for any reason in Houston, First Light will be my ONLY choice. I just wish they were also in Rochester, NY for if I ever need them!!


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