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FirstLight Home Care - I'm the pastrami

I'm the pastrami

From our Care Blog

This week has been more challenging than most.  My 35-year-old daughter, Angie, has been having back problems and had to go for an outpatient surgery procedure in an attempt to reduce the numbness, tingling and sharp pain she has been experiencing.  Her and my son-in-law, Bob, needed to leave around…

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Another End of the Spectrum

From our Care Blog

My mother in law, Martha, who has Alzheimer’s disease, has been my main focus here; however, today I would like to talk about my foster mother who is 88 years old.  Her name is Jule, short for Julia, and I can still hear my foster dad say, “Now Jule” when…

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Cruisin' in the fast lane

From our Care Blog

A recent video news clip from Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate shows a 68-year old woman driving the wrong way down a major express way—putting her life as well as many others on the road at stake. Unfortunately, this scenario and other related accidents occur daily as many seniors encounter driving difficulties…

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Emergency preparedness for seniors

From our Care Blog

Thursday’s string of natural disasters, which caused destruction and tragedy in Japan, Hawaii and on the Western coast of the U.S., have raised prominent questions and concerns for friends, family members and caregivers of the elderly.  How can we keep our elderly loved ones safe when natural disasters occur? Here…

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