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Rehabilitation & Recovery Care

A women stretches as part of her physical therapy routine, while a caregiver watches

Providing Rehabilitation & Recovery Care Services to Torrance and the Surrounding Areas

We understand that rehabilitation and recovery care home services are an important step in helping seniors and other adults get well and stay well. 

Individuals often need extra support while recovering from surgery, an injury or the exacerbation of a chronic illness. Additionally, when a loved one is discharged from a hospital, rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility, they may need help readjusting to or creating a new daily routine. 

FirstLight’s professional caregivers allow clients to achieve the best possible health outcomes through at-home care while reducing the risk of a hospital readmission. Caregivers develop customized care plans that aim to promote long-term wellness and help with things essential to a smooth recovery. 

Rehabilitation Care Services

In-home recovery and rehabilitation care services include:

  • Transportation home from a hospital, rehabilitation center or skilled nursing facility (as well as to and from follow-up appointments)
  • Picking up new prescriptions and providing regular medication reminders
  • Walking and assistance with mobility
  • Help performing prescribed exercise therapy
  • Basic housekeeping and laundry
  • Meal preparation
  • Personal hygiene assistance
  • Observing patients for any changes in health or well-being

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