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We’d like to give a special thanks to our caregivers. Without your dedication & compassion, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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Testimonials from clients and professionals in our community:

May, 2016

“I found FirstLight Home Care to be such an amazing help and resource when I was caring for my former husband who had Alzheimer’s with Aphasia. They went above and beyond in their care for him and a great source of information for me. He could get combative at times and they knew just how to handle him. They were all caring individuals. I also can’t say enough about Steve and his wife, Jen. They bent over backwards to make sure we were happy with the job their company and employees were doing. I used another company prior to them, but FirstLight Home Care was the perfect company for us.”     Pati- St. Pete Beach (spouse of client) 

August, 2015

“First Light’s caregiver, Cheryl was amazing. She has such a beautiful personality and handled herself, grandma, and my family dynamics with grace, poise, and compassion. I so appreciate the thoughtfullness in hand picking Cheryl for my wedding day. Please let her know how much I appreciate her for being there for my family and I. I overheard her providing some much needed education to my mom and aunt regarding dementia. You know there is only so much a “daughter” can say so it was nice that they could hear from a professional who has extensive experience in working with those who suffer from dementia and their families.”

Michelle- Pinellas County, FL,  Professional Geriatric Care Manager

“I like that our caregiver from First Light Home Care is very personable. She will jump in and do all of the things that I need without me asking. She has lots of experience caring for people like me. I have been able to develop a great relationship with her. My wife just loves our caregiver and we could not be any happier with the care. The office staff is always very professional and easy to deal with. First Light has been the best agency we have ever used, and we’ve been through a lot. I highly recommend First Light Home Care because we have been so pleased. I am receiving wonderful care.”

Frances- Largo, FL (Client)

“I appreciate that this agency cares. My caregivers are very pleasant and very nice. They are knowledgeable and help me with my bathing. They show compassion, and help me because I am in pain. I don’t ask for the help, but my caregivers know when I need it. First Light Home Care has been perfect in responding to my problems. I have had experience with other agencies and I have not been pleased. I would highly recommend First Light Home Care because they are compassionate and knowledgeable. They make my life much better.”

Carmine- Clearwater, FL (Client)

“The caregivers at First Light Home Care are very thorough and efficient in what they do for me. They know how to make me feel at ease from the moment they come into my home. They really enjoy what they do. First Light has had a positive impact on my life continuously. They are doing such a great job for us.”

Robert- St. Petersburg, FL (Client)

July, 2015

“Our First Light caregivers are very attentive to my dad, and they make sure he doesn’t feel rushed. They always do things to make him feel safe and comfortable in his home. They come in scrubs with their name badge. They are neat, professional, and always polite.”

Maureen- St. Petersburg, FL (daughter of client)

“First Light Home Care takes excellent care of me. They work hard to make sure they get the right people in place. My food is healthier that what I was eating before, and my place is always clean which contributes directly to my overall health. First Light Home Care has been awesome!”

Daniel- St. Petersburg, FL (client)

“I appreciate all of the small things that our First Light caregiver does for me, like making the bed and keeping my home clean. Our caregiver is very helpful to me and kind. She always looks very neat and wears her name tag. The office is very helpful to me and I appreciate Tarry and they help they provide me. I like that First Light is always able to provide me with the same caregiver that knows what they are doing. I enjoy getting to know her. I would highly recommend First Light Home Care. We really enjoy our caregiver.”

Richard- Largo, FL (client)

June, 2015

“The attention of the care that I receive and the devotion of the caregiver that First Light Home Care has provided is excellent. My caregiver is certified in many areas. She pays attention to my needs and responds in a very caring manner. She knows the job well, and presents herself professionally whenever she comes to my home. First Light Home Care checks in with me routinely and I am very pleased with their agency. The care that First Light Home Care has provided has made my quality of life beautiful. I am very happy and appreciative of their services. I would recommend First Light Home Care, no questions asked!”

Sidney- Clearwater, FL (client)

“I was referred to First Light Home Care by the VA. I like the way First Light Home Care treats their employees. My caregiver really cares because First Light cares- they always have a great attitude. I can tell that the office staff enjoys their job, which shows in their work. My First Light caregivers show compassion by the way they treat me and my dogs (my babies). When I don’t feel well, they always make sure I’m ok. First Light Home Care has shown extreme care, and they actually worry about me as a client. I’ve tried other agencies. The service that I receive from First Light Home Care is above average, and I have already referred them to others.”

Nanette- St. Petersburg, FL (client)

“First Light Home Care provides the services that I expect to receive. Their care givers are very compassionate towards my son and his needs. They are gentle with him and he loves them. The caregivers at First Light Home Care are skilled and well trained. The office staff has always taken care of our needs, including schedule changes. They always call me to check in. If there is a problem, they respond quickly to resolve it. I would recommend First Light Home Care to others because they are a reliable company. We have had others, and they are the best company that we have used.”

Mary- Clearwater, FL (mother of client)

May, 2015

“My First Light caregivers have shown compassion to my wife by showing interest in her and making sure she is comfortable with their care. Both care team members are CNA’s and are very professional in their attire. They have and show empathy. I feel confident with First Light Home Care because they have reliable staff. The office always tries to solve my problems and when I call, someone always answers. Our caregivers are a great match for my wife because the office staff realizes the type of person we need. First Light Home Care is doing a great job with helping us and listening to our concerns. They have been able to solve all of our issues. I would very highly recommend others to use First Light Home Care because they are reliable.”

Ben- Clearwater, FL (spouse of client)

“I like the quality we get from First Light Home Care. First Light is very competent and dependable. The care givers are compassionate and very capable. Because of First Light Home Care, I’m able to get a break and feel relaxed while being away.”

Alice- Cleawater, FL (spouse of client)

“Our caregiver, Thomas, is very good at working with my husband who has Alzheimer’s Dementia. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty, and always on time. He’s an 11 or 12 out of 10! I get stability from First Light Home Care because I have the same caregiver 5 days per week. It makes it easier for my husband and I. First Light understands this and makes sure we can have Thomas when we need care. I have recommended First Light Home Care to friends and I am very satisfied with them.”

Connie- Tarpon Springs, FL (spouse of client)

April, 2015

“I am happy that I chose First Light Home Care. My caregiver is fantastic. She helps me with things like cooking, shopping, and showering. I would highly recommend First Light Home Care because my caregiver is out-of-this-world and provides wonderful care.”

Barbara- Clearwater, FL (client)

March, 2015

“My First Light Home Care caregiver is studying to become an RN so she has a lot of medical knowledge. She always comes to work on time and jumps at the opportunity to help me. She keeps busy, and is very versitle. I have Parkinson’s Disease so she does everything possible to help me. I recommend First Light Home Care because this agency has always been responsive to my needs and they go out of their way to help me.”

Tom- New Port Richey, FL (client)

“A friend of mine used First Light Home Care, so they came highly recommended. I appreciate having someone there to help my mom. The caregivers from First Light are very concerned about my mom’s care needs, and they are hands-on wtih her. They are always aware of any changes in my mom’s care and the office lets me know right away. Sometimes my mom can be a bit out-of-hand, and the caregivers are all so patient with her. Whenever I call the office staff, they are always quick to respond to my needs. First Light Home Care does a good job at “matching” the client’s needs with a compatable caregiver. They are there for my mom so she doesn’t feel alone.”

Cheryl- St. Petersburg, FL (daughter of client)

February, 2015

“I selected First Light Home Care because they were recommended to me by someone I trust. The caregivers show strong work ethic by being caring, pleasant, punctual, and you only have to tell them once to do something. They help my husband with things like showering, grooming, and also companionship. They treat us like family, which shows compassion. The office staff is always on the ball, and they follow through by calling and visiting our home. I am impressed that First Light employees treat us like family and I would highly recommend them. If you are in need of a caregiver, First Light Home Care is the place to go.”

Fran- Clearwater, FL (spouse of client)

“First Light Home Care is an excellent company to deal with. I depend on the office staff alot. If I call and need something, they always try and get it for me. There is always someone there to help when I call. First Light Home Care has helped me a great deal in caring for my husband, and I am very happy with my caregivers.”

Barbara- Seminole, FL (spouse of client)

January, 2015

“I am blind, so I needed a company that has caregivers that I can trust. First Light Home Care has really fit the bill. My caregiver is thoughful and devoted. She pays attention to my needs and is always willing to help me. She’s compassionate. You can tell she cares about her clients and wants to represent her company in a good way. She also relates to me well, anticipating things that I need before hand. She thinks about things that would help me. The ladies in the office are very professional and caring. You can feel that they appreciate their job rather than just putting in the time. My experience so far has been great with First Light Home Care and my quality of life has improved. I am so thankful that my nurse found First Light Home Care, it has really been in my favor. I feel like I’ve come out ahead, and am very satisfied.”

Bill- Seminole, FL (client)

December, 2014

“First Light came to us recommended by an agency that works with my son. I appreciate that the caregivers are always helping my son, and making him feel comfortable. The caregivers always make sure we are happy with everything. The office calls often and updates us about any changes. The office staff is very prompt. They make sure the caregivers have everything they need. They are really on top of things. First Light Home Care is a very “hands-on” agency. Their first concern is the client, and they are very competent. I am very pleased with First Light Home Care.”

Mary- Clearwater, FL (mother of client)

“First Light Home Care’s caregivers help me with the things that I can no longer do on my own. If they get their chores done, they always look for other things they can do. They are able to do everything that I need. The office staff keeps me up to date on everything and has never let me down. They keep all of their promises. I would recommend First Light Home Care to anybody. The caregivers have great knowledge of what they have to do, and are always punctual.”

Ray- Clearwater, FL (client)

November, 2014

“I saw an article in the paper about First Light Home Care winning an award. When my wife needed care, I called the agency and they came right away. The caregivers really care fore my wife, I can see it in their actions and the way they talk to her. There is no question about it… they do care and have empathy for her. First Light Home Care’s office staff is very timely. If I need something, or need to make a change, they do it immediately. I would recommend First Light Home Care because of their availability, and the kind of caregivers they send to meet the client’s needs.”

Ben- Clearwater, FL (husband of client)

“When I first met with First Light Home Care, they were very sincere. I really appreciate the dependability. First Light’s caregivers are on-time, well trained, and flexible. They are willing to stay longer if needed. The office staff is very dependable, and do the job right! I would recommend First Light Home Care to anyone. They’re dependable, and on-time.”

Carol- Clearwater, FL (client)

October, 2014

“I appreciate the professionalism of First Light Home Care. The caregivers come into our home and do exactly what needs to be done. They don’t need to be told what to do, they just do it. They are very caring for my husband. When I have to speak with the office, they are always great to talk to. Communication is always very good. Our caregivers do such a good job- First Light hires some excellent caregivers! We are so satisfied with First Light Home Care because of the quality of care they provide for my husband.”

Glenda- Clearwater, FL (wife of client)

September, 2014

“Steve, We want to express our deepest thanks for all you and your caregivers gave to my mom in her final days. We thought that trying to arrange care for my mom from afar would be difficult, but from the “frantic” call to you on Labor Day weekend, to making the final coverage arrangements, you were there. You gave up your Labor Day to make sure my mom had someone there to care for her. As her condition deteriorated, you always managed to arrange increasing coverage. Imagine our surprise when we got the condolence cards from two of mom’s caregivers, with such kind words of encouragement.

You, your wife, and your team are truly professionals, caring professionals. Please let us know if we can recommend your services to anyone going through those difficult days.”

Jim & Veronica- Clearwater, FL (son & daughter-in-law of Client)

August, 2014

“Our First Light caregiver is so knowledgable, and so compassionate. We love her, she’s just great! When needed, I can always call and talk to someone at First Light Home Care. Every time I call, the office staff always answers my questions. They are very knowledgeable, and send great people out to you. If you need your times changed, they will cooperate with you. I think they are great people.

First Light Home Care has been excellent.”

Barbara F.- Seminole, FL (wife of Client)

July, 2014

“I selected First Light Home Care because my brother helped me search for an agency and brought them to my attention. I appreciate the helper I have because she has been more than helpful in doing things that I can’t do such as driving to doctor appointments, shopping, meals, and more. She keeps things running smoothly for me. My caregiver is very dedicated and helps remind me to take my medicine correctly. She is studying to be a nurse, and comes with a lot of knowledge. We have been together for a couple of years now. First Light Home Care calls often to check in and see how I’m doing, or if I need anything. They also come to visit and check in. They will ask if there is anything else they can do to help me. They want to try and solve my problems and take initiative to get things done. I never have to call them because they are very proactive. I have recommended First Light Home Care to others and they are working well with one of my friends.”

Tom- New Port Richey, FL (client)

July, 2014

“I selected First Light Home Care for my parents because we were looking for a smaller company to use. I really appreciate the owner’s interaction with me. They are very responsive and great with keeping in touch with whats going on. From the owner of the company on down, we have had a great relationship with First Light. The caregivers are very responsive. They are very compassionate and proactive about reacting to issues with my mom and dad. They also have a great deal of patience. They are always on time and well educated in their field. The office staff at First Light Home Care quickly responds to my questions, emails, and phone calls. First Light Home Care has helped me source other services if we have needed something else. They are very responsive to my needs. At First Light, you have access to people who can make decisions quickly, and are excellent at addressing difficult situations. They have impressed me so much that I have recommended them to a couple of people.”

Stacey- St. Petersburg, FL (daughter of clients)

June, 2014

“I was taking care of my father, but it was becoming evident that we were going to need more help. I called five different agencies, and spoke with the owner at First Light Home Care who provided me with information that was very helpful. When it came time to really hire somebody, I felt most comfortable hiring First Light Home Care. He wasn’t pushy at all, only helpful. When I presented the latest problems with my father, he would give me solutions. The caregivers at First Light Home Care are very accommodating. The agency really looks out for us. All of the ladies that come are excellent. They have been positive and help my father have a good outlook on life. First Light has them all working together for teamwork and cooperation. The agency really keeps in contact, enough that I don’t worry. First Light Home Care responds very quickly in response to any potential problems. They call me immediately if there is a concern. I would absolutely recommend First Light Home Care! They have been caring for my Father for many months now, and I really appreciate their services.”

Alice- Clearwater, FL (daughter of client)

June, 2014

“First Light Home Care was referred to me. I appreciate the quality of their caregivers and the wonderful care they provide for me. Our caregiver is always here on time, and does everything that is asked of him. Very personable, and easy to get along with. My caregiver is always very compassionate towards me, and empathetic to my situation. The office staff at First Light Home Care is very attentive, compassionate, and understanding. They understand Veterans like me, and the needs we have. I hear from the agency as much as I need, and sometimes a little more. They communicate with me sometimes when I least expect it, such as on Veteran’s Day and other holidays. Everything the agency does is exactly as promised, and I would be very likely to recommend First Light Home Care.”

James- Largo, FL (client)

May, 2014

“First Light Home Care was the agency that I picked. Their caregivers are compatible, nice, and do a good job for me. They do all of the things that I can no longer do, like housekeeping. The First Light Home Care office staff has given me excellent service. They are very accommodating and make sure that everything is taken care of. They bend over backwards to help me with my care needs. If I had the chance, I would highly recommend First Light Home Care because they provide excellent service. I am pleased with everything that First Light Home Care has done for me.”

Ronald- Clearwater, FL (client)

May, 2014

“I appreciate that First Light Home Care helps with things that are difficult for me to do. My caregivers are always prompt and reliable, and they are very compassionate people. I would recommend First Light Home Care as I have had a good experience.”

Ray- Clearwater, FL (client)

April, 2014

“I was recommended to First Light Home Care by my Financial Advisor in Florida. What I appreciate most about the service is the efficiency and attention they pay to my mother. In the past, we had two other agencies that she wasn’t pleased with. My mother is completely satisfied with First Light Home Care. I came down to Florida to visit for 3 weeks. The house was immaculate. The office staff is attentive and very observant about whats going on with my mom. First Light Home Care is a very professional agency. The owner, Steve is very professional about everything. I am completely satisfied with the services that I am getting. Keep up the good work!”

Larry- Pinellas Park, FL (son of client)

April, 2014

“I like that First Light Home Care is good at what they do. They’re on time, and do what ever is needed. Our caregiver is very personable, which helps. She is always on time and always asks what else she can do to help. The service with First Light is very flexible. If we have to be gone, they work really well with our schedule. First Light Home Care is a really caring service.”

Glenda- Clearwater, FL (daughter of client)

March, 2014

“First Light Home Care was recommended by our hospital. I appreciate that our caregiver is always on time, and we have the same caregiver every time. I can change the schedule with a simple phone call, and I have received everything that I have asked for. First Light Home Care provides quality service. The services have been perfect.”

Marion- St. Petersburg, FL (daughter of client)

March, 2014

“For our family, FirstLight Home Care has lived up to it’s name. My 87 year old mom had been in declining health and as we traveled down the road of various facilities and levels of care, what I came to realize was that no place was able to provide the level of care on a consistent basis that I wanted for my mom. I wanted her comfortable, her dignity in tact, and all of her needs met without having to wait for facility personnel to help her. FirstLight Home Care provided personal, professional care, and most importantly, went over and beyond to meet my mom’s and our family’s needs sometimes on short notice. The owner of FirstLight came out and personally interviewed our family and sought to understand what our desires were for mom’s care. Next, he and his team actively provided us with not only professional, well qualified personnel to look after mom, but they consistently communicated with us to make sure we were satisfied with the care mom was receiving. And finally, several times, our intitial plans changed, and we needed last-minute additional assistance…. which the FirstLight team was able to provide. What we learned about FirstLight Home Care, is that this is not just a business for the owners, but they consider it a personal responsibility to provide excellent care and service for their patients and their families. Our family would not hesitate to recommend FirstLight Home Care to anyone looking for professional, personal, and reliable care for a loved one. For us, they provided the first bit of light in what had become a very dim road ahead.”

Laurie- Clearwater, FL (daughter of client)

January, 2014

“I selected FirstLight Home Care because they were recommended to me. I really appreciate my care giver. She is very conscientious and does a lot to keep me safe at home. She makes different aspects of my life enjoyable. FirstLight office staff checks up on me regularly to make sure there are no problems. I have already recommended FirstLight Home Care to two other people based on my positive experience.”

Mr. T- New Port Richey, FL (client)

October, 2013

“I appreciate that FirstLight Home Care does exactly what they are supposed to be doing. I can count on them, and they communicate with me very well. The caregivers are very attentive to my mother’s needs, and seem to really care about the patient. It is nice to work with a small company, and deal with the owners who care so much about this.”

Eric- Oldsmar, FL (son of client)

September, 2013

“The caregivers at FirstLight Home Care were all on time, and took good care of my Mom. They were all concerned. FirstLight promptly responded to a situation where we needed a caregiver, and they sent someone to the home very quickly. FirstLight Home Care under promised and over delivered!”

Randy- Clearwater, FL (son of client)

August, 2013

“FirstLight Home Care has been invaluable to me and my family in a number of ways: 1) They established a personal relationship with professionalism, with a heart-warming personal experience. This allowed us to feel as if we were not alone in caring for our mom and dad. 2) In speaking with Steve and his staff about the details of our situation, I found him to be extremely accommodating, flexible, and a complete pleasure to do business with. 3) In using their services, I was completely encouraged when a difficult situation arose while my family and I were vacationing, and FirstLight’s services were being used for my mother’s “round the clock” care while my father was in the hospital. They assisted in helping my mother, who was diagnosed with dementia, feel at ease in her confusion. The caregivers handled my mother professionally, calmly, and were able to come up with a plan that allowed for a “No Aggitation System” that was extremely successful. This allowed for my family and I to continue to enjoy our much needed vacation. 4) The after-care continued when returning from vacation with informative details given to ease the pain and stress of moving my parents into a facility. Steve reached out to me and my family by checking up on my parents after the stressful move to see how they were doing. The care and concern by FirstLight Home Care and the caregivers goes beyond extraordinary by being helpful, even after their services were complete.

Thank you FirstLight for taking an approach to Home Health Care that dries tears and comforts with experience.”

Gina & Mike- Clearwater, FL (daughter & son-in-law of client)

June, 2013

“I would definitely recommend FirstLight Home Care. The caregiver I have volunteers for work. You can ask her anything, and she is right there. She has alot of initiative. The biggest advantage is being able to stay in your own home. From the time that I started using FirstLight, I’ve actually been able to use my walker less! I feel that I truly am getting better, even if it is slowly. It is so nice to remain in my own home, instead of going to a nursing home.”

Thomas- New Port Richey, FL (client)

May, 2013

“FirstLight Home Care has been a real plus. The staff is excellent, and they do a great job following up. Their communication is excellent and we couldn’t be happier. Their care givers have been very pleasant and my mother really likes them. She has enjoyed the attention and they take excellent care of her. By having FirstLight Home Care’s staff visiting, she has a better quality of life, even on her bad days. She loves it.”

– Sandy – St. Petersburg, FL (daughter of client)

April, 2013

“My family is very thankful for the exceptional job Steve and Jennifer did for our Mother who was diagnosed with Dementia. FirstLight Home Care provided us with a perfectly matched helper to provide hands-on support. They did an excellent job in follow-up, knowledge and support of Dementia, and becoming a part of our family. We sincerly appreciate everything they did to promote a positive outcome for our Mother. Knowing she was in good hands helped us to take a very needed break. Our provider, Debbie, was always on time, friendly, and provided the necessary care in an excellent manner. Thank you very much, and please keep in touch!”

– Wilma- Port Richey, FL (daughter of client)

December, 2012

“Steve, I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for our residents and staff. Your communication far exceeds that of any other Home Care Agency I have ever worked with in the past. The daily communications are so helpful! They help me ensure that our residents are getting the best care possible. It also really sets you apart from other companies. With your communications, I’m able to see how our residents are doing- even on the weekends. Thank You again, for all you do for us.”

– Director of Resident Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care, Palm Harbor, FL

January, 2013

“I needed Home Companion Care for my 91 year old mother. After reviewing a few agencies, I was impressed with the care and friendly approach of Jennifer & Steve of FirstLight Home Care. The initial visit, at no cost, at my mother’s home was very informative and they treated my mother with kindness, dignity, and friendship. This treatment continues with the ladies who visit my mother 4 days a week. They walk with her for shopping, hairdresser, laundry, and just visiting her and engaging her in conversation. If I have any suggestions or concerns, they are addressed right away. I also like that the days and hours of my mother’s home care can be readjusted as situations change. I am very pleased and satisfied with FirstLight Home Care.”

– Better Business Bureau Review- Celeste- Largo, FL (daughter of client)

November, 2012

“FirstLight helped my wife until she had to go into memory care at our assisted living community. We could not have been more pleased with the service. The girls were neat, on-time, pleasant to have around, and most helpful!”

– Jim- Palm Harbor, FL (husband of client)

May, 2013

“I have Parkinson’s Disease and live alone. My P.D. had progressed and reached a state that caused me to feel a little insecure. I was not happy with the thought of nursing home, not yet at least. So I decided to investigate Home Health Care companies in Pasco County. I decided on calling no more than five such companies and inquire as to the extent of their service and cost. As a retired professional salesman/business owner, I was appalled at the care-free attitude of the people I spoke with. With the exception of FirstLight Home Care, not one of the other companies offered or suggested to me a Free In-Home visit to assess my needs at my residence. Steve Rattner asked when I was available to meet with him as he would review his program in full. I meet with Mr. Rattner later that day and he instantly won me over with his attitude that I am here to serve you, and took the time to answer all of my questions. I agreed to select FirstLight Home Care. We set a start date, and he informed me that the person I was allowing in my home was thoroughly scrutinized, screened, and I was not to worry. Mr. Rattner arrived with a caregiver for a free introduction meeting. I was introduced to Joey, who is attending nursing school. Mr. Rattner feels that the free introduction was a better way to break the ice. I have done the home work for you and FirstLight Home Care is a first-class company. Don’t waste your precious time and give Mr. Rattner at FirstLight Home Care a call.”

– Angelo- New Port Richey (client)

Hear from Our Caregivers

At FirstLight Home Care, our people truly make the difference in providing Exceptional Care! To them, it’s not just a job – it’s personal. Below are some examples from members of our Care Team, and “Why” they love the business of caring for others. We hope you will have the opportunity to experience for yourself the difference our Extraordinary People make in providing Exceptional Care. Enjoy!

“I have spent my whole adult life working overseas in Third World countries in religious and humanitarian aid. When we returned, I started working here in the US in retail, administrative, etc. I didn’t like coming home at the end of the day not feeling as though I had made a difference in anyone’s life. Finally, when I started working in healthcare, and especially with the elderly, I felt like I had found my spot. I can continue to touch peoples lives and at the end of the day, I can say…’I have made a difference!’ The reason I love working with FirstLight Home Care is that to me, it is more than a job.”
– Lynn

“I made the choice to be a nurse, and a caregiver, because I wanted my job to make a difference in the world. To improve people’s lives through my work. In my career, I am able to take what could be someone’s worst day, and make it better.”
Stuart (Registered Nurse)

“Being a caregiver was something new for me, and has always been my passion. In my own family, I have taken care of my father and my grandmother. My father was a Veteran and passed on some years ago. Since then, I have felt the need to extend my hand to helping others. I work for FirstLight Home Care because they are a loving, caring, and very generous company! They welcomed me with open arms, and even found a client that was a Veteran which excited me even more because he relates to my father. Being employed by FirstLight brings me joy because my hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. They make you feel like a part of their family, trusting you and being there when you need them. As a company, they are well rounded and very professional. I’m glad to work here everyday because I love what I do. I know that I’m helping someone and being there with a person that is going through a rough time. I would recommend FirstLight to anyone who has a family member in need. I’m proud to be employed by FirstLight!”
Alexus (Care Team Member)

“I love caring for people. I find it extremely rewarding to meet someone’s needs during a time of vulnerability in their life. In college I lived with my grandmother who, though fiercely independent, was unable to drive and suffered from diabetes. I helped her with errands, doctor’s appointments, shopping and cleaning. We also talked a lot. The friendship my grandmother and I built through those years remains a bulwark for both of us because, I believe, caring for someone during a vulnerable time teaches us all what matters most in life. We matter to those who love us. Providing professional and compassionate home care is a tangible way we say… ‘I care about you.’ I feel deeply privileged to be a part of what matters most to all of us. Thank you, FirstLight Home Care for the chance to share my heart.”
Judith (Care Team Member)

“After working for a global corporation for over 20 years, I was looking for new and rewarding opportunities where I could combine my past experiences to make a difference in the lives of others. I didn’t want a job just for the sake of having a job. I wanted something I’d really love doing. I had done volunteer work for our Veterans, so I knew I experienced great satisfaction helping others; enhancing their quality of life by helping to keep them independent. Working for FirstLight Home Care has proved to be just what I was looking for. Today, families are struggling to cope caring for a senior family member where the caregivers eventually run out of hours in the day. As a caregiver, I can help families restore balance, bring peace of mind, and help their loved ones remain at home. Caring for seniors is a labor of love with many joys and rewards, as well as responsibilities and challenges. I meet wonderful people, build fulfilling relationships, and make a difference in the lives of our clients.”
Della (Care Team Member)

“I was a late-bloomer to the caregiving profession. Early on, my aptitude tests in school revealed that I was a person who cared about others and my best career choices would be that of a social worker or a nurse. Somehow my life seemed to take a detour. It was only after the illness of my mother and brother, both at an early age, but later in my life, that I began to heed my calling. I took care of both of them for for some time and knew a gift of giving of myself, and my compassion was what I could give to others. I then entered into the nursing profession. After working in various facilities, where I had charge over numerous residents and patients in nursing homes and ALF’s, I realized that my calling was to work one-on-one. In doing so, I could make a positive difference in other people’s lives, one person at a time. As I began looking at different agencies, they all seemed similar. What I was ultimately looking for was an agency that was highly ethical, professional, and provided excellent training and support. Finding such an agency proved to be a challenge, until I ran across FirstLight Home Care. I know something was different, and was immediately impressed. They seemed to be kindred spirits with an ethereal quality. FirstLight Home Care is exceedingly professional. Lynn, is great as the support staff. She is the “go to” gal, always ready, willing, and able to help. The owners, Steve & Jennifer are exceedingly professional, patient, and caring. They truly give their all to make the perfect match of caregivers and clients. They go the extra mile in the training of their people and they will go the extra mile for their clients too. FirstLight is a true breath of fresh air. With FirstLight, I have seen the ‘Light,’ and as you work along with them and they with you, I know you will see the ‘Light’ too.”
Cathy (LPN, Care Team Member)

“A caregiver shows compassion, is empathetic, understanding, caring, loving, and is a very good listener. I’ve been a caregiver all my life, not realizing it until I became a Certified Nurse Assistant. I started at a young age. I used to visit an elderly woman, while everyone else was playing kick-ball. It’s just who I am, and it comes naturally. So I really didn’t choose this profession, it chose me and I couldn’t be happier!”
Judy (Care Team Member)


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