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Limited Engagement: Short-Term Care Can Provide Long-Term Boost

Chances are you’re already aware that non-medical home care is growing in popularity as a way to help older adults age in place – over the long term – while maintaining their quality of life. But you may not know that home care can also provide short-term assistance for adults ages 18 and older who need temporary companionship or support with the activities of daily living.

One of the most frequently asked questions to our Just Ask FirstLight service is whether non-medical home care can be provided on a short-term, episodic or as-needed basis. And the answer is a resounding yes! You don’t have to commit to a long-term relationship to take advantage of the benefits of non-medical home care. A limited home care engagement can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and care delivery can be scheduled around the clock or for as little as the time it takes to complete a few defined tasks – and every increment in between.

Providing a Boost – For What You Need the Most
Short-term home care can provide vital support during what can be a challenging and stressful time for individuals and their family caregivers. And while the presence of a professional caregiver during these engagements may be temporary, the impact can be more enduring. Home care can provide a long-term boost to what you may need most – comfort, confidence and peace of mind. In the words of business consultant and author Idowu Koyenikan, “Even though your time on the job is temporary, if you do a good enough job, your work there will last forever.”

Delivering Support – Whenever It’s Needed
A temporary home care engagement can be valuable during times of recuperation and recovery, after an injury or during a significant life transition. Personal Care Services can provide assistance with the activities of daily living, such as bathing, mobility, meal preparation and more. Companion Care Services can also provide support through light housekeeping and laundry, errands and transportation, medication reminders and even visits from caregivers to keep a client company. Among the many times Personal Care and Companion Care services can deliver needed short-term support are:

  • When dealing with a short-term health issue, such as an illness, injury or recovery from surgery
  • When a family caregiver who typically provides support is temporarily unavailable
  • When adjusting to a major life change, such as moving into a new home or transitioning after the death of a loved one
  • When getting settled in with a new baby or other family member

When short-term home care is related to recuperation after a hospital stay, it can have an added benefit – the reduction of hospital readmissions. For FirstLight Home Care clients, our Readmission Rescue Program is a value-add service that’s part of non-medical home care packages. The program helps reduce hospital readmission rates by putting trained certified nursing assistants (CNAs) on the lookout for symptoms or other indications that a client who’s recovering may have a health problem related to a recent hospital stay. Through detailed monitoring, reporting and appropriate physician intervention, issues can be addressed proactively to ensure clients get the care they need – before their condition forces another hospital stay.

Supporting the Caregiver – When It’s Time to Recharge
Another short-term option that’s designed to provide support specifically to family caregivers is Respite Care. Such services allow caregivers to step out of their daily support roles to take time to relax, reflect and refresh. Professional caregivers can assist loved ones – for a couple of hours, an entire day or even overnight.

Start Your Limited Engagement with FirstLight
FirstLight Home Care services were designed to be flexible to the unique needs of the individual and the family caregiver. If you need short-term assistance to navigate an illness, injury, recovery, transition or any other life event, find a location today to learn more.

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