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Dementia Care Services Available in Salem, Swampscott and Marblehead Plus Areas Such as Lynn, Peabody and Beverly

Those with cognitive deficits often need personalized care – FirstLight Home Care of Swampscott and Marblehead offers dementia care that will keep your loved one healthy and happy at home. Also available in regions such as Lynn, Peabody and Beverly, Alzheimer’s home care makes it so that a dementia diagnosis isn’t insurmountable. In-home care provides assistance with complex tasks that grow increasingly difficult as the disease progresses, but FirstLight prides itself in dementia home care that puts your loved ones’ needs first.

Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia cause memory, thinking and behavior changes that often interfere with daily living. The disease affects every individual differently, so it is important to find the right dementia care for a loved one who has been diagnosed.

FirstLight’s compassionate caregivers are experts when it comes to assisting adults with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Each caregiver who provides dementia home care is trained to help monitor and manage symptoms, as well as adjust the level and type of dementia home care services accordingly.

FirstLight Dementia Care Service

Individualized Dementia Care

Our personalized dementia and Alzheimer’s home care is designed to focus on the client, not the disease. Our goal is the same as yours – we want your loved one to live a life of purpose.

We know how important it is to establish a familiar, stable environment for a person living with dementia. That’s why, together with your loved one, we complete a booklet that provides us with details about his or her personal history, likes, dislikes, preferences and more. We want to find out what makes them happy, frustrated or anxious as well as what activities they enjoy. We want to learn who your loved one really is, not merely view them as a person with dementia.

We also understand how overwhelming and even frightening behavior changes brought on by dementia can be for families. You want peace of mind knowing your loved one feels safe and secure and that they are receiving the same loving care you would provide for them. Our high-quality dementia care can help alleviate the burden and fear families often have while allowing your loved one to remain in their own home, which is crucial to balancing moods. 

Select FirstLight Home Care locations are certified to offer premium care for those with dementia and related disorders thanks to our Compassionate Memory Care Program. This award-winning program is designed to join the journey of those with dementia by adapting the overall approach to care.

You, the family, are integral to the dementia care services we provide for your loved one. We’ll ask you to participate in finding the right caregiver match for your family and to provide ongoing feedback throughout the process.

We Do More

Jack needs help with daily activities like eating and mobility. His caregiver, Cynthia, provides personalized support focused on Jack, not his dementia. This allows him to remain in the comfort and familiarity of his own home.

Jack & Cynthia
Established safe, comfortable environment
Made daily activities joyful and meaningful
Shared in the benefits of music
Helping Jack maintain a sense of purpose and belonging

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