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10 Things Seniors Can Do To Keep Up With Their Grandchildren

For older adults, relating to young people can be a challenge. It may take time, observation and investigation to fully understand what your grandchildren are interested in. But, after investing the time to learn about them and their interests, grandparents are able to relate to their grandchildren.

1. Play video games.

10 Tips to Keep Up With Grandkids

Video games, especially games on the Wii system, are a great way to have fun with grandchildren. Playing video games allow grandchildren to do something that they enjoy and also helps seniors to exercise their hand-eye coordination.

2. Teach your grandchildren how to do something you enjoy.

This can be especially fun for seniors—being able to pass down a hobby to their grandchildren can be exciting. These activities can include teaching them to play a card game or dominoes, teaching how to knit or how to build a bird house. Teaching grandchildren how to do something you enjoy builds a bond that they will always remember.

3. Become interested in and knowledgeable about their activities and hobbies.

If your grandchildren play sports, take some time to learn more about the sport that they play. If your grandchildren are involved in activities like 4H, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, ask them to be involved in upcoming events to learn more about what they are doing in the organization.

4. Put together a family album.

Get creative with this activity. Include more than just pictures—write down stories from your life to include with the pictures. This is a great way to not only learn more about each other but also give them something that they can add to as they get older.

5. Learn about social media.

Spend some time learning about the new forms of social media that your grandchildren are using on a daily basis. Some of the most popular social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest and Instagram. Knowing a bit about these social networks can help you talk to your grandchildren and also understand the way they communicate with friends.

6. Be open to your grandchildren’s ideas about the future.

Sit back and listen to the new ideas that your grandchildren share with you about how they see the future. It can be enlightening to hear them talk about their views on business practices, architecture, art, movies, music and more!

7. Create new beginnings together.

Do something together that neither one of you have done before. There are so many activities out there from zip lining to scuba diving, that you’re bound to find something that you’re both interested in trying. Doing something new together is an amazing experience that you can talk about forever.

8. Get to know your grandchildren’s friends and what they like to do together.

Give your grandchildren the motivation to talk with you about who they enjoy spending time with and what they like to do together.

9. Enter into their world.

Know their hobbies, likes and dislikes. If they enjoy shopping or fishing, make that activity something you are familiar with so that you can talk about it or even do it together.

10. Watch the movies and TV shows they want to watch.

Ask them about their favorite shows and movies then look in to them a little more. Find out what they’re about and maybe even watch a few of them. When you’re together, you can compare thoughts and perspectives on everything from the actors to the plot.

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